WOC Podcast Radio


Welcome to the premiere episode of WOC PODCAST RADIO. Not only can you download the audio file like any popular podcast today, but you can also WATCH the podcast in this cutting-edge platform where video and podcast audio meet to create a one-of-a-kind media experience for you! Meet key industry players and learn about their companies, share valuable insights and observations, and how they have built their business’s from the ground up. "Let's Go To Work" with Dean & Derek and WOC Podcast Radio below!


Meet CRH Americas’ John Kemp, President of the Building Solutions Group.  John connects CRH materials and people to local relationships in the construction industry. From aggregates, asphalt, and cement, to the ACE Mentor program and AWARE Safety System, hear how CRH is putting safety first and building future leaders, not only as North America’s largest building materials company but also your local partner. In their own words they are “everywhere you live, go and work."


As second generation tradesmen with over three decades of experience in the stone industry, Dean and Derek found themselves thrown onto the national scene in 2004, hosting DIY Network’s ROCK SOLID and INDOORS OUT television shows, along with guest appearances on PBS’ VICTORY GARDEN. They grew with the network from 6 million to over 60 million viewers over the next seven years. After 200 episodes viewed by millions across the USA, they decided to host their own podcast LET’S GO TO WORK, where listeners are able to connect to the world of construction, design and lifestyle. 

Today Dean and Derek are managing executive sales, marketing and design at Plymouth Quarries in Hingham, MA. They continue to travel for trade show appearances (inlcuding WOC over the past 6 years) and speaking at trade schools around the country. For more info visit deanandderek.com.