Producing one HUGE international tradeshow in Las Vegas annually is only part of the story here at World of Concrete. We are also very passionate about our community, industry, and the hundreds of thousands of people that encompass an industry that has had a hand in the construction of the places in which you work, live, or enjoy for leisure. Here are some of the things WOC has done over the past 46 years to support the concrete and Masonry industries:

More than $14 million contributed to the Industry through support of 18 leading concrete associations that are cosponsors of WOC.

WOC 2020 recycled 80% of materials used at the show. In addition, 77 tons of brick and block was donated to Habitat Las Vegas; 51.7 tons donated to the International Masonry Training & Education Foundation; and 3 tons donated to Habitat for Humanity.

The Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority estimates WOC 2020 bought in over $97 million in economic impact to the city of Las Vegas.


Concrete Cares is a volunteer group focusing on fighting cancer on the local level. This nonprofit hosts fundraising events in communities across America, as they have at World of Concrete over the past 5 years. The aim of the organization is to make a difference in the local community by enabling friends, relatives and families to join the fight to provide support for those stricken with cancer. Signed banners and proceeds are presented to a local cancer patients selected by community members.


This award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions not only to the concrete industry, but also to the World of Concrete.  The first winner of this award at WOC 2014 was one of the World of Concrete’s founding members and industry icon Bob Weatherton. 

Ed Sauter, Executive Director of both Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) and Concrete Foundations Associations (CFA), was honored for his lifetime achievements at WOC 2015. In 2016, the Legacy Award was recipient Ward Malisch.


The National Steering Committee (NSC) for the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program – a business intensive program that awards students with a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Concrete Industry Management – raised raised just over $1.175
million, with a total of over $13 million to the CIM program in the past 16 years. The CIM program is a business program that has been developed specifically for the concrete industry to provide students with a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Concrete Industry Management. The program gives students entering the concrete work force industry experience early in their careers.

“The 2021 World of Concrete Auction was another great event,” commented Ben Robuck, CIM Auction Committee Chairman. “This year’s auction was a tremendous success, both in terms of the value of donated items and the number of attendees at the Auction. The results are indicative of the high value the concrete industry places on the CIM program.”

The CIM Auction at World of Concrete has now raised more than $12 million dollars working together for more than a decade.

What is the CIM Program?
The CIM Auction


This scholarship award was debuted at WOC 2015 to highlight the success of CIM, students from program universities, California State University (Chico), Middle Tennessee State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Texas State University. Each year students are invited to present their industry papers. Topics range from applied material research, studies on improving contractor efficiency, and new business development. 

The papers and presentations are judged by a panel of industry professionals who select the best paper/presentation. To honor these students, World of Concrete established the Bob Weatherton Award, in memory of this industry icon.  The award, along with $2,500 in scholarship money, is presented each year at the show.