Custom Service Hardware - Booth S14117

Sustain Krete™ from Custom Service Hardware is a soy-based, penetrating concrete sealer which is idea for concrete roadway infrastructure. It penetrates deeply into concrete providing durable protection, even for already damaged concrete producing a flexible, hydrophobic barrier which can extend the concrete life up to 10 years. The benefits include: it is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrisve, VOC-free, made from a renewable source, and is a USDA Certified Biobased Product approved for federal jobs as well! Sold in sizes ranging from 1 gallon to a 275 gallon tote. Developed by Purdue University in conjunction with the Indiana Soybean Alliance, Sustain Krete is ready to protect any concrete job no matter the size!

FLIR Systems - Booth N2163

intelliRock III is the latest generation of FLIR’s leading concrete strength and temperature profiling system that helps increase productivity while reducing project costs. intelliRock III is the only system available to retain secure, uninterruptable, and unalterable data. This wireless system allows users to view and report critical data from a mobile device via 4G LTE wireless communication, and Bluetooth® connectivity allows you to review data from a computer. intelliRock III includes multiple mix design access, various alerts, and a 160 x 120 FLIR Lepton® thermal imager for temperature measurement and heat profiling.

GCP Applied Technologies - Booth SE03

Get more value out of concrete with CONCERA® admixtures

CONCERA® admixtures make it possible to raise the workability of concrete to a new level bridging the performance gap between conventional concrete and self-consolidating concrete (SCC).

Benefits for Contractors

Control flow concrete is a highly flowable concrete using conventional materials and mix proportions. It discharges quickly and is very easy to place and finish, resulting in faster project completion with less labor.

Benefits for Ready Mix Producers

CONCERA® admixtures give producers the ability to offer new and differentiated high flowing concretes, with lower material and quality control costs compared to SCC.

Pengo Attachments - Booth C4621

The RS-16, Pengo's newest addition to the anchor drive product line, provides significant torque capability in a compact package. The addition of a standard counter-balance valve reduces the amount of anchor kick-back often encountered during installation. The RS-16 is the perfect choice for excavators between 8T and 20T and like all Pengo anchor drives, the RS-16 is overbuilt to perform! Visit Pengo in booth C4621 to see this new product in person.

V-PRO - Booth S13607

V-PRO Protection Board is professional temporary floor protection. It is made of recycled fruit juice packaging with a grey PE coating on both sides. V-PRO Protection Board is leak proof, easy to work with, made of recycled paper so, environment friendly. Available in different sizes.
Perfect for use during painting, stucco applications, remodeling, moving etc.
Simply lay the roll on the ground and kick it out to the desired length. It doesn’t get much easier.

National Safety Solutions - Booth N171

The Multi Point Start Right Safety Device requires employees to complete a calculated walk around inspection of their vehicle/equipment while passing over strategically placed RFID tags located on the vehicle. Only after all designated locations have been scanned will the vehicle engine start without the 85 decibel alarm sounding.

With this technology, your company will ensure the safety of its employees and work sites. When employees fail to complete the 360° walk around, it almost always brings on needless and negative cost to the workplace.

With the use of the Start Right Safety Device, your company can and will show the highest level of compliance, due diligence, and accountability; placing you a step above your competition.

Keson - Booth C4149

The world’s easiest to read, strongest, V-groove torpedo level: SOLA’s new LSTFM. Trapezoidal shaped, this aluminum die-cast level has everything you need to get the best, most accurate reading possible. Able to be used in a standard or inverted position, the LSTFM features SOLA’s patented FOCUS vial molded out of a break-resistant acrylic block that comes with a Limited-Lifetime guarantee against leakage and gets better readability in dim light due to the vial’s luminous backing. Also featuring a strong neodymium magnet for a high adhesion force, this level has everything you need to get the job done right.

WW Grainger - Booth C6935

The MSA Skullgard® has been designed for grueling conditions. The standard size Type I, Class G full brim hard hat with a four-point ratchet suspension offers impact protection, low and high temperature resistance and meets the reverse donning requirements of ANSI/ISEA Z89.1. Being struck by objects has been dubbed as one of OSHA’s Fatal Four. Protect yourself from falling objects by avoiding areas where work is being performed overhead and wearing your hard hat at all times. Stop by the Grainger Booth C6935 to enter into a daily raffle for a chance to win an MSA hard hat of choice.

Genuine First Aid - Booth S13452

A-Med Eyewash Station with Eye-Opener- 32oz.
A-Med Eyewash’s innovative design allows you to respond quickly for rapid relief. The patented Eye Opener eliminates the need for an eyecup and the inherent risk of recontamination with re-use. From dirt to cement dust, construction sites are full of potential eye contaminants. Be prepared on site to quickly flush painful particles out of your eyes with A-Med Eyewash. With a slim, one-handed bottle and Eye Opener design, A-Med Eyewash lets you act fast without wasting time removing both your work gloves.

NITROcrete by Peak Innovations - Booth N247

We're changing cool. No more ice, midnight pouring, or lost revenue. From folks who know concrete: an admixture for cooling.

Our nitrogen application system cools concrete at a fraction of the cost, operates within your plant, and maximizes batching machinery with in-house design and software.

NITROcrete has a slower cement hydration stabilization, more stable slump, and longer finishability which provide improved quality and ease of work.

Forged from years building batch plants, our cryogenic technology gets the job done without compromising quality, breakstrength, or mix design.

We're bringing concrete into the 21st century with NitroCrete: the admixture for cooling.

Pure Safety Group - Booth C3363

Work smarter with the patented MAX-300, a completely symmetrical constant-rate descender that accommodates multiple users. The variants available offer either automatic hands-free descent, auto descent/hand operated rescue or power-assisted rescue and auto descent. Featuring integrated rope lock-off (R/PR only), replaceable guides, Gore valve technology and a sealed braking system. It’s the most versatile and durable constant-rate descender on the market. With a 660lbs(300kg) rating for descent. The MAX-300 is vastly capable when evacuating multiple users, offering automatic descent modes requiring zero user input onr controlled descent functions, allowing the evacuee to control their own descent or a rescuer from an independent location.

Euclid Chemical Company- Booth S10338

Dural ICC Gel is a NSF/ANSI 61 certified, international building code compliant high performance anchoring adhesive with an extended installation temperature range from 5°F to 104°F (-15°C to 40°C). It has been tested for use with threaded rod and reinforcing bar for cracked and uncracked concrete in accordance with ACI 355.4 and ICC-ES AC308 and has sustained load resistance up to 194°F (90°C). Dural ICC Gel is one of the highest performing elevated temperature creep resistant products available. Dural ICC Gel ensures high productivity and performance with fast cure and bolt up times, and worry-free installation.

The Gorilla Glue Company - Booth S14228

Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive Ultimate is our most durable construction adhesive, this Ultimate formula is tough, versatile, and 100% waterproof. It instantly grabs surfaces and offers an even higher bond strength than Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive.


• Instant Grab

• Higher Bond Strength 

• Works Under Water

• Incredibly Durable-Indoor/Outdoor

• Paintable 

• Easy To Dispense

• All Surface All Purpose

• Bonds: Wood, Drywall, Plaster, Ceramic, Concrete, Masonry, Brick and Foamboard  

Putzmeister America, Inc- Booth C5726

Putzmeister has announced a new pickup pump series with the launch of the Vehicle Series Pickup 70 (VSP 70). The VSP 70 will feature a Putzmeister Thom-Katt® TK 70 mounted on a Dodge Ram 5500 chassis with 19,500 lb (8,845kg) GVWR and 11.3 ft (3.45m) side decks with folding side panels and a flat center deck.

The lighter weight of the chassis on the new VSP series does not require contractors to have a CDL license to drive the truck and the shorter design allows for easy maneuverability in congested areas.

The VSP 70 is ideal for all applications and can handle a variety of materials, with a maximum volume output of up to 74 yd³/hr (57m³/hr).

The new VSP 70 pickup pump is available for immediate purchase.

Sensera Systems. - Booth N2266

Sensera’s simple, affordable jobsite monitoring solutions have been expanded to include no-touch drone photography, solar & powered site cameras for progress & security, portable surveillance trailers, & a complete line of accessories for supporting a DIY installation of jobsite monitoring cameras. Solutions include jobsite hardware, cloud/mobile software, & cellular & WiFi communications. Solutions provide live video, time-lapse, security monitoring, & more to improve project execution, risk management, winning new business. SiteCloud integrates with leading project software including Autodesk BIM 360, Procore, & PlanGrid. Sensera solutions are made in the U.S.A. & used by more than 1,000 General Contractors across North America.

HEM Paving - Booth O31132

NEW Micro Overlay Paver
HEM Paving, manufacturer of a full-line of concrete paving equipment, is excited to introduce their new Micro Overlay Paver.
This innovative slip-form paver is specifically designed for thin and ultra-thin bonded overlays - including UHPC, Polymer and Synthetic-reinforced.
Self-propelled. lightweight and easy to operate and maneuver, the Micro Overlay Paver is ideal for bridge deck overlays, as well as mainline overlay and whitetopping projects.
Standard paving widths from 8'-to-16'. Features include a stainless steel pan system, rubber-track drive, adjustable side forms, and forward/rear auto steer. Optional auger system and tining are available.
Come see the Micro Overlay Paver at booth O31132 in the Silver Lot! 

PROSOCO - Booth S11207

ReVeal is a new restoration cleaner from PROSOCO that simplifies the masonry cleaning process for buildings made with multiple materials and substrates. The formula is designed to safely and effectively clean atmospheric and carbon staining from most kinds of masonry and stone, including architectural concrete block, concrete, fired clay, granite, sandstone, slate and unpolished limestone, marble and travertine. ReVeal can also remove soiling and hard-to-remove deposit, such as white scum, from window glass, and is safe to use around most architectural metals. This feature virtually eliminates the need to specially protect other non-masonry substrates during the cleaning process. 

J-CAT Enterprises, LLC - Booth N3016

Eliminate the danger from exposed post brackets with J-CAT Enterprises‘ highly visible post column safety covers. Built from an engineered thermal plastic compound, our universally designed product covers most column and post bases along with steel forming stakes while protecting against accidental lacerations and impalements from trips and falls on construction sites both commercial and residential.

The J-CAT safety cover solves a very serious problem that has been overlooked for far too long. Helping you create a safe working environment during all phases of construction is J-CAT’s goal.

Make sure your job site is completely free from this dangerous post bracket liability.

CRETE-LINK - Booth N2279

CRETE-LINK is a new app that will change the face of construction for contractors, suppliers, delivery services. We are going to connect contractors with suppliers and delivery services as well as rental companies, in real time, for all of their construction supply needs. CRETE-LINK is based on concrete delivery but will cover many different aspects of construction, everything from haul off, to aggregates, to rental equipment. No more being told call back in two weeks to pick up concrete to do your jobs. With CRETE-LINK, you'll be able to post your job and have suppliers and drivers bid on that job so you can be sure to get the best possible price.

Click for more information

Cummins Inc. - Booth C7676

Cummins X12™ redefines the entire medium-bore engine category (11L-13L), setting new standards for productivity. Designed to deliver exceptional throttle response for inner-city stop-and-go operations, its performance is not just unchallenged – it’s unbeatable. At just 2,050 pounds, it has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any heavy-duty engine from 11 liters to 16 liters in size and still delivers powerful performance from 350 hp to 500 hp and 1250 to 1700 lb-ft of peak torque. The combination of power and efficiency is striking. Put the ultra-compact, lightweight X12 in your vehicle and you’ll be able to carry an extra 150 lbs. of payload than you could with the next lightest engine in its class.

GCP Applied Technologies - Booth SE03

CLARENA® RC admixture is part of GCP’s Materials Management family of products.

Its patent-pending technology does not require any water to process the returned concrete. CLARENA® RC admixture is a high surface area, non-toxic, non-leachable product. When added to plastic concrete, it turns the concrete into a flowing granular material that can be used as a replacement for virgin aggregate in most applications. CLARENA® RC admixture greatly reduces the environmental impact of dealing with returned concrete (estimated at about 3-5% of concrete production), due to its ability to convert and reuse the returned concrete as a useable granular material.

Fast Form Systems - Booth C4237

Spec-West Concrete systems are please to announce the launch of the Fast Form range of formwork products into the US market.

Fast Form is a lightweight forming system that replaces traditional lumber forms, a system that is Faster / Safer & Greener.

Work Faster & Smarter, save Time, Money and Reduce your Carbon Footprint dramatically.

Saves on lumber and wastage and labor with no make up.

The systems are so versatile and can form almost any type of concrete structure from small footings to pile capping beams and walls there is nothing Fast Form cannot cope with.

Available throughout the USA for Rental and Sale our systems come with full 3D color drawings and structural calculations.

Come see us in the main Hall Booth C4237

LATICRETE International, Inc. - Booth S11526 & O40851

LATICRETE has expanded the SPARTACOTE™ resinous coating product line with the introduction of 14 new epoxy and urethane products which can provide:

• Low VOC, low odor, high chemical & abrasion resistance
• Excellent stain resistance and durability
• High build and vertical resinous systems
• Customizable aesthetics with pigment, flake & quartz

Below is a list of some of the new product offerings. For all new products, please visit our website at

SPARTACOTE™ Epoxy Membrane
SPARTACOTE Urethane Primer WB
SPARTACOTE General Primer
SPARTACOTE Surface Build Top Coat UV

Keson - Booth C4149

When you just need a quick plumb or level check, you don’t have to pull out a full-sized level. Instead, try using Keson’s GO! magnetic. GO! Magnetic (GOM) is a magnetic, portable level that’s perfect for those quick spot checks. Plus, it comes with a belt clip so it’s always within reach. It features a FOCUS vial, so you can trust that its easy-to-read accuracy will always be spot-on. Get the convenience of a full-sized level in miniature today. Booth: C4149

WW Grainger - Booth C6935

Since 1927 Grainger has been your trusted partner for the products, services and resources needed to address the unique business pressures faced every day on your jobsites. Grainger has an extensive health and safety offering to help you reduce illnesses, injuries, fatalities and financial hardships associated with the hazards you face. Carrying over 100,000 health and safety products coupled with: services, expertise, a robust local branch network, 24-hour Emergency Services and more than 1.8 million products on, Grainger will help you get your job done safely. Call 1-800-Grainger and visit us at . Think Safety. Think Grainger®

WW Grainger - Booth C6935

The ExoFit NEX™ construction harness is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Advanced hardware, anti-absorbent webbing, and  strategically placed padding amplify its' comfort and durability. Duo-Lok™ quick connect buckles and back, front andd side d-rings provide enhanced ease of use. Additional features include reflective material, stand-up dorsal d-ring integrated suspension trauma straps. The ExoFit NEX™ meets all applicable standards, has a rated 420-pounds capacity and is offered in sizes X-Small to 2X-Large. Stop by the Grainger Booth C6935 to enter the Grand Prize Drawing featuring the ExoFit Nex™ and nine additional items.

CLEARBLAST - Booth B51732


The CB150 supplies a powerful punch in a small package. Built on a wheeled platform that stands at just 4 Ft. x 4 Ft. x 26″ wide, this blaster carries a run time of +1 hours and can reach blasting pressures up to 120psi!

The CB150 makes easy work of a once complicated process. Simple controls allow for even a first time user to setup and blast within minutes! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Stainless steel piping, a powder-coated finish atop a hard steel crash frame, and steel paneling protects the CB150’s internal components from wear in the harsh working environment. Our 1-year full warranty ensures your investment will last for the long haul.

Kyocera International, Inc - Booth N2179

Introducing DuraForce PRO 2, a rugged 4G LTE Android smartphone specifically designed for tough jobs. Backed by a standard 2-year warranty, DuraForce PRO 2 with Military Standard 810G certified protection is waterproof, drop and scratch proof, making it an extremely reliable mobile solution. Noisy environments are no match for the phone’s loud 106dB dual front speakers and four noise cancelling mics making audio crystal clear. Three cameras, 13MP rear, 5MP front, and a super wide view 4K action camera – all underwater safe and compatible with action-camera mounts - help ensure you can document an entire project. DuraForce PRO 2 from Kyocera International, Inc., the leader in rugged mobile solutions is now available through Verizon Wireless.

Pure Safety Group - Booth C3363

Take the lead on your safety with the Checkmate FABX1-LE ANSI leading edge rated SRL. Utilising a ground-breaking two-stage force management system, to progressively arrest your fall. The first shock absorbing element is encased inside the innovative break-away housing to keep the internals protected from the elements until that critical moment when it arrests your fall. Featuring lightweight housings and high-tech materials throughout, swivelling load indicating alloy hardware, carry handle/shoulder strap connection points, independent brake pawls for a fail-safe system and sealed brake module with visual performance fall indicator. When you’re working over the edge trust in the FABX1-LE to keep you safe.

Euclid Chemical Company- Booth S10338

EucoRepair SCC Fast is a self-consolidating concrete repair mortar that can be placed from 1 inch (2.5 cm) up to full depth without extending with aggregate. EucoRepair SCC Fast sets quickly for fast stripping of forms and early return to service. EucoRepair SCC Fast is fortified with micro fiber to help prevent plastic shrinkage cracking, and contains unique polymers that improve adhesion and durability. EucoRepair SCC Fast also includes an integral corrosion inhibitor and low permeability cements, so embedded reinforcing steel is protected within the repair. The high flowability of EucoRepair SCC Fast ensures excellent consolidation without vibrating.

Kraft Tool Co.® - Booth S12039

W. Rose™ announces the newest innovation in brick trowels - the cork handle. The handle is featured on Narrow London, Wide London, and Philadelphia pattern brick trowels as well as Pointing and Margin Trowels. The blade and shank on each trowel is forged from a single piece of uniquely formulated carbon steel for extra toughness and consistency. These premium trowels have a cork handle (patent pending) featuring natural moisture repellent properties for a firm grip even when wet. Cork resists vibrations to minimize fatigue. An ergonomic, fatigue reducing design provides a secure grip for long hours on the job. W. Rose, a subsidiary of Kraft Tool Co.®, has been an American manufacturer of Brick Trowels and other masonry products since 1798.

ForSite International- Booth C7559

SharpBlade 2.2m (7’) universal Box Blade Leveller
Our, patented rigid frame SharpBlade with QuadRod linkage has sealed, shielded & lifetime lubricated HardiBush with only 4 moving parts, offering unequaled rigidity, speed & accuracy for lowest maintenance. Adjustable hitch plate sets SharpBlade level for a perfect finish. Fixed front & rear pivoting blade operate in both directions. Twin, close coupled, under slung wheels are compact, increasing maneuverability.
Standard features: twin mirrors, 20 Degree Tilt, adjustable hitch, close coupled wheels, QuadGrade control with manual over ride & in-cab adjustable grade height & graduated laser poles. Suits 75 – 90HP. Options: scarifiers, Direct Connect, 3D GPS, TPS & Trisonic.

Quick Attach Attachments - Booth C4065

Genesis Power Systems & Quick Attach are proud to introduce three new power units to serve the needs of our customers across multiple industries. When paired with our long line of factory matched attachments, Genesis Power Systems delivers a new level of power and efficiency to the marketplace.

At the 2019 World of Concrete Show we are introducing our brand new Mini Skid Steer. Powered by a Kubota D1305-E4 24 HP diesel motor, our new design is perfect for precision concrete work. Highlights include better visibility, an industry first joystick control, and access to over 30 attachments including a concrete breaker. Made in Minnesota under ISO 9001 manufacturing standards.

Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi Power Tools) - Booth O31100

Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi Power Tools) introduces a revolutionary cordless-corded power tool solution that meets the power output demands on a jobsite. MultiVolt tools can accept a 36V battery OR plug into an outlet with the AC Adapter. This unique platform changes what's possible on the jobsite by offering the power of a corded tool, the freedom of a cordless platform and the choice to operate all MultiVolt tools cordless OR corded- YOU decide! The MultiVolt SDS Max Rotary Hammer (model DH36DMAQ2) features Brushless motor technology that delivers 7.7 ft-lbs of impact energy, Reactive Force Control, low vibration handle and quick release bit system. Visit booth O31100. 

BASF Construction Chemicals - Booth S10304

BASF launches MasterEmaco® Low Dust Repair Mortars

Jobsite dust is one of the leading health and environmental issues facing the construction industry. BASF has developed low dust mortars specifically to reduce jobsite dust that occurs during concrete repair mortar mixing. This video demonstrates that MasterEmaco T 1060DR and MasterEmaco T 1061DR repair mortars generate at least 75 percent less dust during mixing than standard repair mortars.

Digga North America - Booth C6072

Digga has launched two sweeper brooms, which have been designed and manufactured in the US for industrial, municipal or road construction. They are easy to attach, simple to operate and ideal for warehouses, machine sheds, parking lots, job sites and dust containment. Our Digga Sweeper Angle Broom features 72”, 84” and 96” widths with manual or hydraulic 30 degree right and left angle. The floating design allows for ease of use in undulating conditions and optional front jockey wheel. Our Digga Sweeper Pick Up Broom features 60”, 72” and 84” widths with a poly or poly-wire brush system. A cutting edge helps cut loose caked-on mud, while the sweeper’s poly bristles deposit dirt and debris inside the container, which can be dumped when full.

Kingspan Insulation - Booth S14019

Kingspan Kooltherm K20 Concrete Sandwich Board is a premium performance insulation product used for concrete insulated sandwich wall systems. The core of Kingspan Kooltherm K20 Concrete Sandwich Board is a premium performance rigid thermoset fiber-free phenolic insulant manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP). With an R-value of 17 on 2 inches, Kooltherm K20 has a higher R-value per inch than any commonly used insulation. Kooltherm K20 has excellent fire and smoke properties, is unaffected by air infiltration and resistant to the passage of water vapor.

Tower Sealants, Inc. - Booth S14327

Introducing AU-1, a premium-grade, high-performance, weatherproof, elastomeric construction sealant. AU-1 provides exceptional resistance to weathering, UV, and extreme joint movement. It's easy to apply, tool, and clean up saving time and money. No more mixing or color packs. It is paintable and cleans up with soap and water. With excellent adhesion and long term durability AU-1 makes you and your work more efficient. It maintains high elasticity in all climates. AU-1 bonds on a molecular level creating superior adhesion that's unaffected by years of exterior exposure. Whether sealing concrete, tilt-up panels, control joints, precast units, EIFS or window and door perimeters; if you want efficiency and long term performance, you want AU-1. 

GCP Applied Technologies - Booth SE03

With the VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system, all ready-mix loads are measured for slump and temperature, letting producers catch bad loads before they pour. Low strength concrete can be mitigated, as well as the risk of having to repair or replace concrete.
The system works via internet-connected sensors that provide concrete producers with real-time monitoring data across their entire fleet of trucks. This data is accessible anywhere there's an internet connection. Wherever you are, you'll know your concrete is arriving ready to pour at the right slump and water content.
By delivering a more consistent product at a higher level of quality, ready-mix producers can realize significant business improvements.

GCP Applied Technologies - Booth SE03

PIERI® Architectural Portfolio
GCP’s Pieri® Architectural Portfolio offers a complete line of specialty products, including form release agents, sealers and in-form surface retarders – all designed to create and protect architectural precast concrete finishes. An innovative, new line of in-form surface retarders can be used to create some of the most popular finishes without the traditional methods, such as acid-etching and sandblasting. These new products also provide precasters with an incredibly robust working range, such as the ability to leave pieces in the forms for 72 hours and provide a time to wash off of 8 hours.

Priority Payments LI - Booth S13930

Priority Payments LI is one of the fastest growing payment processing companies in the United States. With over 15 years of experience, our team specializes in B2B Payments and focuses heavily on the Concrete/Ready Mix and Mason Supply Industries nationwide. Priority Payments LI offers a number of payment solutions that are flexible and can meet the needs of your business.

Visit us at Booth S13930 to learn more about how our MX™ Merchant ecosystem can help your business!

Tenna - Booth N1755

TennaGO: Tenna’s new cellular GPS equipment tracker. Ideal for tracking heavy equipment and machines that provide power sources, TennaGO trackers provide precise GPS tracking and engine hour data for management of high-value heavy yellow iron assets.
TennaGO is:
- Flexible
- Durable
- Easy to install
- Long-lasting for reliable equipment tracking and management
- Available in rechargeable plug-in and long-life battery models

As with Tenna’s other hardware, TennaGO feeds equipment data into Tenna’s simple, intuitive, cloud-based platform for analysis. TennaGO broadens the tracking options Tenna currently offers to help keep up with product and market demand so Tenna can continue to serve the construction industry’s asset management needs. 

Keson - Booth C4149

If you want the best levels in North America without breaking the bank, you want a Keson Box Beam Level. They’re loaded with top-of-the-line features: heavy weight profile (to ensure heavy usage and abuse won’t affect its accuracy), two-material end caps (to protect from damage due to drops), single measuring surface (single milled surface for best user experience and accuracy) and tension-wedge mounted vials (self-compensates for temperature changes). Plus it comes with a FOCUS vial to give you the easiest, most accurate readings in the industry. When you want the best level for the job, choose Keson Box Beam.

Volatile Free, Inc. - Booth S12453

With a wide range of shore hardness ranging from 40-80A, you can be sure to find a product that provides durability and flexibility that your project needs. VFI’s 3100 Series of polyurethane rubbers can be used in multiple applications including, concrete stamping, pre-casting and form lining. The 3100 Series of products is made from 100% solids and zero fillers, which means ultra-low shrinkage. Chemical resistance provides users with a durable long lasting product. Offered in multiple sizes to meet your production needs. Liquid samples are available upon request. Customized formulations available. 

Gaia Enterprises Inc. - Booth N2755

Pet safe ice melt you can trust.

During the winter, it's imperative to keep harmful rock salt away from pets and children. Safe Paw® is unique, and unlike most ice melt products, it's 100% safe. No harmful chemicals, no damaging salts so it will not hurt your concrete, walkways, or roofs.

All of our products are made and assembled in the USA. 

Ergodyne - Booth B51719

Squids® Slips™ Tool Attachments are perfect for tethering small hand tools that do not have captive connection points to help prevent dropped objects and increase workplace safety.

No additional tools are required to install. Simply “slip” the tool attachment onto the tool and connect a Squids® Tool Lanyard to the swiveling exterior ring to complete your tethering system.

The Slips™ flexible inner core grips the tool to secure its location. The ring spins 360-degrees allowing screwdrivers and other rotating tools to be used without issue.

Available in four sizes and compatible on tools ranging from 0.05” (1.3mm) to 0.5” (12.5mm) with a max. capacity of up to 1lb (0.45kg) dependent on size. Approved to the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard.

Pure Safety Group - Booth C3363

Get a handle on your safety with the HLL2W. Featuring an innovative removable ratchet handle. Once the lightweight webbing lifeline has been tensioned, the handle can be removed with just one hand to make it your key to a tamper-proof 2 user system. Boasting an integrated tension indicator to confidently determine correct system tension and an in-line energy absorber to reduce fall forces on the system and anchor points. Not only can the system be made tamper-proof, there’s also wear indicating webbing making it safer and easier to inspect your system. All these features can be packed into the conveniently sized carry bag for easy storage and transport.

WW Grainger - Booth C6935

Grainger’s Safety Services can help you avoid injuries, facilitate compliance, manage risk and increase productivity. Our partnership with a national network of health and safety service providers is committed to supporting our customers* with quality, cost-effective onsite and online services. With highly trained Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), and other Safety and Health professionals, Grainger has the expertise and resources to provide training, onsite testing and auditing, and web-based tools to help support your occupational safety and health programs. Stop by the Grainger Booth C6935 or visit to learn more.

Euclid Chemical Company- Booth S10338

Dural Aquatight WB/100 moisture mitigation systems are formulated to reduce moisture vapor emission from new or existing concrete slabs prior to installing floor coatings, self-leveling underlayments and floor coverings. Dural Aquatight can help prevent flooring failures due to water vapor in concrete, including blisters in coatings, bubbles in sheet goods, adhesive bond failure, loose, curling and cracking tile, warped wood floors, and damp, moldy carpet. Dural Aquatight WB/100 are fast drying, solvent free, low odor, alkali resistant and have excellent adhesion to prepared concrete.

Dragon Screed- Booth S13627

Dragon Screed’s revolutionary design allows you to level subgrade and screed concrete from the comfort of your machine. It’s quickly customizable to meet the needs of any project. Our designs level gravel base and screed concrete faster and with less labor than any other method.

Dragon Screed can be offset to either side of a skid steer or operate directly in front of the machine - in either forward or in reverse. It pours from 6’ to 22’ feet wide. It drags, floats and vibrates the concrete with every pass. Dragon Screed allows crews to pour more concrete with less labor.

Merlo (Applied Machinery Sales) - Booth C6661

Merlo’s R50.35 S-Plus Roto offers a 115’ lift, 20° tilt cab, max lift weight 10,900lbs & an innovative multifunctional armrest.
New features include a more spacious modular cab, the multifunctional armrest mounted with an interactive electronic capacitive joystick with a miniature mouse for turret rotation control. Machine function controls (stabilizer placement & machine suspension) are also integrated into the armrest. Easier external accessibility into the cab includes a second ladder.
New Advanced Safety System (ASCS) collects different machine parameters, analyses the data in real time & creates the load diagram. Data translates into a visual representation on the new LCD display. Hydrostatic transmission with EcoPowerDrive(EDP).

CiDRA Concrete Systems Inc. - Booth N2276

CiDRA Concrete Systems Inc. has developed the AIRtrac™ Mobile System, an innovative solution for real-time air content measurement from batch plant to job site. This unique and highly valued information is available on an in-cab display as well as a cloud-based on-demand dashboard. It allows ready-mix producers and precast plants using mixer trucks to reduce rejected loads, improve concrete quality and consistency, cut production costs and better understand their mix designs. 

Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi Power Tools) - Booth O31100

Metabo HPT (formerly Hitachi Power Tools) introduces a revolutionary cordless-corded power tool solution that meets the power output demands on a jobsite. MultiVolt tools can accept a 36V battery OR plug into an outlet with the AC Adapter. This unique platform changes what's possible on the jobsite by offering the power of a corded tool, the freedom of a cordless platform and the choice to operate all MultiVolt tools cordless OR corded- YOU decide! The MultiVolt 3/4” High Torque Impact Wrench (model WR36DAQ4) features Brushless motor technology, 4-stage electronic speed switch for precision and control, responsive variable speed trigger and is IP56 compliant for protection against dust and water exposure. Visit booth O31100. 

Putzmeister America, Inc - Booth C5726

Putzmeister continues its commitment to delivering the concrete pumping industry’s #1 customer experience by enhancing the 50-meter class portfolio. The all-new 51Z-5 Meter Boom Pump is robust, versatile and economical offering the perfect "in-between" boom length and a reduced outrigger footprint and the latest Ergonic® 2.0 technology that can save fuel consumption. The new 51Z-5 meter boom pump will be featured at World of Concrete 2019 in booth #C5726 and is immediately available for purchase. For more information about the 50-meter class, visit or contact your local sales representative.

Plastic Components, Inc - Booth C3155

Since 1969, Plastic Components has been manufacturing PVC trims and accessories for the Stucco/Plaster, EIFS and Drywall Industries. We also offer our non rusting alternative to metal lath Ultra Lath Plus

MAX USA CORP. - Booth C3019

The TwinTier RB441T is a 6th generation MAX Re-Bar-Tier. It simultaneously shoots two 19ga. wires around rebar intersections wrapping once to form a tie equivalent to the strength of a hand snap tie. Equipped with 3 new innovative mechanisms, a Dual-Wire Feeding Mechanism, Wire Pull-Back Mechanism, and Wire Bending Mechanism the TwinTier is the most efficient battery powered rebar tying tool on the market. One coil of the TwinTier TW1061T wire can produce up to 240 ties and its 4.0 Amp Li-ion battery will yield up to 4000 ties before any need to recharge. The TwinTier’s large jaw allows users to tie #3 x #3 to #7 x #7 rebar. Like other MAX rebar tying tools the TwinTier helps reduce musculoskeletal injuries when compared to hand tying.

GCP Applied Technologies - Booth SE03

GCP Applied Technologies is proud to launch VERIFI® Quality. VERIFI® Quality is a complete suite of QC/QA, mix design, production analysis and submittal management software. Developed with insight from the LABsys and seeMIX platforms, the new software allows either cloud based or local hosting solution. Features include the cleanest submittal package on the market, full mix design capabilities, test result management, OCR capability, and an advanced data analytics dashboard as well as mix cost evolution. VERIFI® Quality is the latest addition to GCP Applied Technologies VERIFI® technology platform and complements the VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system. 

GCP Applied Technologies - Booth SE03

AIRtrac™ real time air monitoring system
The AIRtrac™ system measures the temperature and total air content of concrete in real time while mixing. An innovative sensor is installed in the mixer, which provides second by second data to the batch operator. Precasters can now have insight into every batch and the effects of dozens of factors that can change daily, if not hourly. This unprecedented granularity allows for overall process improvements and often higher throughput. This affords precasters a way to optimize processes, control costs and minimize waste.

ADM, Inc. - Booth N323

Whether ordered skid mounted, or as a highly portable unit, the ADM sand heater is self-contained with a rotary drum assembly, sealed in burner assembly and plant mounted control system. ADM is committed to maximizing your production efforts with the most up to date technology
offered today. Heating sand has proven to be a highly effective means to control mix temperature and product quality. The heat retention time for sand far exceeds that of
water thereby decreasing energy costs. Mix quality is vastly improved by eliminating the additional need for superheated water that can destroy the integrity of the finished product. And finishing time is considerably reduced lowering labor costs typically associated with winter mix concrete. 

Lind Equipment - Booth C7406

The award-winning Lind Equipment Beacon LED tower brings you all the light you've come to expect from traditional 4 x 1000W metal halide light towers, but in a completely unexpected package. Compact, lightweight, and truly man-portable the Beacon LED Tower can be transported with ease without any compromise in durability.

The Beacon LED Tower puts out the same light level as a generator light tower, but uses 80% less electricity. You can plug two Beacon LED Towers into a single 15A outlet, or use a 1000W generator that stores easily in the cabinet. Beacon LED Towers can fit through man doors and you can transport two in the back of a full-size pickup.

And the best part is that they are half the cost of traditional light towers.

Keson - Booth C4149

When measuring slope and inclination, you want the best digital level on the market to ensure your measurements are true. Enter SOLA’s new LSB24D. It makes measuring inclination a breeze. It includes SOLA’s patented FOCUS vials so you can measure horizontal or vertical plumb with ease. It features an adjustable inclination display in °, % and mm/m; a “hold" function for storing measured values and for transferring angles; switchable audible signal guidance in when the light’s low. No matter what you need to measure, the LSB24D can handle the job.

RGC (Reimann & Georger Corp) - Booth S11007

C120 HydraCutter accommodates standard bar & chain and will be highlighted at WoC. Consistent, steady oil pressure & water flow to tackle the most demanding jobs with less maintenance than the competition.
• Durable, American-made saw that’s more flexible than the competition, capable of working in extremely cold temperatures and harsh conditions
• Hydraulic saw that can be powered by a gas or electric HydraPak that won’t cut out when needed
• Environmentally-friendly saw that creates less noise and eliminates the threat of high-voltage injuries

RGC’s C120 HydraCutter is the only saw you’ll need to cut through the work and complete the job on time and on budget.

Gaia Enterprises Inc. - Booth N2755

Traction Magic® provides instant traction on all icy surfaces.

Stay safe on slippery surfaces with a product that’s 100% natural and safe for pets, people, and your property. Use Traction Magic on sidewalks, steps, or as instant traction for your car. 

Logical Resource Inc. - Booth S14111

Magic Crack Filler is a simple, non-flammable product for filling any horizontal crack in concrete, stone work, masonry and asphalt including, clay products and natural stone. It can repair cracks ranging from hairline to 2 inches wide thus making it ideal for pool decks, driveways, walkways, commercial entries, patios and vehicular drive areas (to name just a few). Other crack fillers are messy and require cumbersome techniques. This product’s dry granulated powder fills crack fissures from top to bottom. As it dries it becomes the consistency of hard rubber. Cracks virtually disappear (like Magic!) and the surrounding areas remain unaffected.

Pure Safety Group - Booth C3363

Tool tethers help to increase safety and reduce the costs associated with dropped objects injuries. The Quick-Switch Tool Tether is the most advanced tool tether on the market, allowing users to switch tools from one location to another quickly without ever being untied. Not only does it prevent dropped tools, but it also prevents some of the hazards associated with tool tethering. No more swinging tools, less snagging, and no more risk of dropping a tool during a transfer.

Euclid Chemical Company- Booth S10338

Level Top PC-Agg contains a graded natural aggregate that enables the topping to resemble a polished concrete floor after grinding and polishing. Level Top PC-Agg provides excellent adhesion and durability, and its high early strength enables polishing just 24 hours after placement. When compared to other similar products on the market, Level Top PC-Agg is easier and faster to polish with less wear on pads and equipment, resulting in substantial cost and labor savings. In addition to flooring, Level Top PC-Agg is perfect for polished countertops, tables, and other poured-in-place or precast applications.

The Gorilla Glue Company - Booth S14228

O’Keeffe’s® Working Hands® Hand Cream is a concentrated hand cream that heals, relieves and repairs extremely dry, cracked hands. 

When used daily, O’Keeffe’s® Working Hands® is clinically proven to:

*Instantly boost moisture levels

*Create a protective layer on the skin’s surface 

*Help prevent further moisture loss

It is safe and effective for people with diabetes. 

Features & Benefits

* Unscented

* Non-greasy

* Hypoallergenic 

* Guaranteed Relief in Days

E-ZBar- Booth N2847

The E-ZBar is an adjustable rebar positioning device for cast in place concrete walls. The purpose of the E-ZBar is to hold the required spacing between the reinforcing steel and the wall forms. Our spreaders are cut to length on the jobsite and assembled with the corresponding clips to match your wall steel. The same components work for single and double matt walls, sizes #4 through #8 rebar. Our 3/8” coil rod is available in lengths of 16” in plastic or 48” in steel.

Kryton International Inc. - Booth S12445

Kryton is reintroducing Krystol T1® with installation improvements. Krystol T1 can now be applied in a single coat and is also available in white and the original gray, removing the extra step of painting light colors—a frequent requirement for below-grade structures.

Krystol T1 contains a concentrated amount of Krystol® Technology, which chemically reacts with water and un-hydrated cement particles to form unique needle-shaped crystals that fill cracks and block the path of water. Whenever moisture is introduced over the concrete’s lifespan, crystals in T1 will initiate crystallization. T1 can be applied to either the positive (wet) or negative (dry) side of water pressure, and entirely replaces the need for waterproofing membranes.


Construction material of the future
Ultimate form of fibers for fiber reinforced concrete
Castable reinforced concrete
New class of materials: new type of composites
No crack in service. No corrosion. Perfect anchoring. Perfect homogeneity. Perfect isotropy. Unlimited mixability. High flexural strength. „Weldability”. Safety. Calculability. Excellent workability.
Pavement for ever.
No rutting. No depression. No heat expansion. No cracking. No potholes. + No aging.
Excellent repairability with 100% result.
Radiation protection concrete
High density: up to 4700 kg/m3
Excellent homogeneity. Good workability. Wide range of properties.
We are not ready to supply any materials

PROSOCO - Booth S11207

First Cut with Densifier
First Cut with Densifier is a revolutionary new product from PROSOCO that cuts significant time out of the concrete finishing process in wet-grind and power-trowel applications, getting contractors onto their next jobs faster. Consolideck’s First Cut with Densifier allows contractors to grind and densify floors at the same time. It makes wet-grinding more efficient by moving slurry solids away from the diamond tooling, while also densifying the concrete. This eliminates the need to wait for a floor to dry before densifying, cutting up to 40% of time out of grind-and-polish jobs. First Cut with Densifier can be applied with traditional walk-behind grinders or power-trowel machines. 

3M - Booth O30325

New 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Helmet X5000 Series
The new 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Helmet X5000 Series provides comfort and security for workers in a variety of situations, because it features a climbing helmet-inspired design that meets compliance standards for general industrial use, works with a variety of 3M faceshields, earmuffs and other accessories, and the suspension incorporates exclusive 3M™ patented Pressure Diffusion Technology.