Steele Mixer - Booth W4069

The Steele mixer is a concrete mixer that mixes a bag of concrete in under 1 min without power! It is the easiest way to mix concrete. 

Cleanfix Reversible Fans - C4426

Powered hydraulically or pneumatically, reversible fans offer a viable option for various makes, models and types of equipment working in heavy dust and debris. While delivering engine cooling equal to that of the machine’s standard fan, the reversible fan additionally provides the powerful cleanout of the radiator by reversing the airflow in timed intervals adjustable to the application.

The Cleanfix design, by which the blades rotate through the cross position, ensures that not only the grille is cleaned, but more importantly the actual cooler also. Other systems rely on changing the rotational direction of the fan while the blade profile remains the same. This results in low pressure and highly turbulent reverse flow conditions.

The Belt Conveyor - Booth W4423

We have innovatively combined the use of air-cushion technology with our standard belt conveyors to create The Belt Conveyor. Our customers can now benefit from a high-capacity conveying system that offers minimal equipment wear and very low operating costs as a result of reduced friction in the conveying line..

Revolutionary New MICRO CRUSHERS by Senya Tech, Ltd. - Booth W449

Pioneering a new category in Construction Equipment, Senya Tech is excited to introduce our new revolutionary new Senya 3 MICRO CRUSHER. This machine can be pulled behind a 3/4 ton pickup and produce up to 30 tons/hour of beautiful, finished aggregate product!

There is nothing in the entire world even remotely close to the size, portability, output capacity, and price point of this machine retailing at $68,500. When the new Micro screen plants arrive this summer, we will have a Micro crushing plant sorting two sizes for less than $100K. The next lowest price point on any crushing equipment is several hundred thousand dollars more, not to mention takes a tractor trailer to move. Guaranteed to give you more of what everyone needs-PROFIT! 

New Blue Max - Booth C6533

New Blue Max Air Barrier & Above Grade/Below Grade Waterproofing is an easily-to-use single-component rubberized liquid applied material. When cured, the monolithic membrane is impermeable. Blue Max serves as a triple-duty performer in its different application formulations. It can be applied by spray, roller, or trowel providing the required air barrier, below grade waterproofing, and concrete deck waterproofing membrane for sandwich slabs. New Blue Max can also be used as an approved waterproofing membrane prior to the installation of horizontal and vertical tile. Ready Mixed, Low VOCs, and Water Cleanup! Terrific for ICF Systems!


WaterMax Water Cart - Booth C3257

The Hy-Flex WaterMax water cart dispenses water accurately to meet material specifications and improve product performance for:

- Fireproofing
- Wastewater
- Stucco
- Plastering
- Infrastructure Repair
- Waterproofing
- and other bagged products

WaterMax uses a digital flow sensor to measure dispensed water and provide fast delivery. This innovative product offers true measurement and control of water into your mixer with features including:

- Continuous accuracy
- Batch consistency
- More consistent yield from product
- Consistent bond strength and adhesion
- Saves money - bags of material go farther
- More accurate than timers systems

Get details, and see the WaterMax in action:

Manual Caulking Gun with Variable Thrust Ratio - Booth C6064

THE MAGIC SWITCH RATIO CAULKING GUN are unique and incredible!
Dispensing tool with Variable thrust ratio

When switching the button to 12:1, the stroke is 7.5mm

It is suitable for Low and Medium viscosity materials, such as latex & silicone.

The opposite is switch to 24:1, the stroke is 4.5mm.
It is suitable for Medium and High viscosity materials, such as PU & epoxy and so on.
It is good use in cold weather
High-performance drive ( Easy on hand)

The handle with TPE rubber soft grip design, comfortable to use.
Patented quick switch 12:1 to 24:1 thrust ratio system
Patented no trigger gaps design
Customize LOGO print screen or label on the body
The best innovative dispensers manufacturer!
Welcome to visit us!

Autodesk Construction Cloud - Booth N1645

Autodesk Construction Cloud combines advanced technology, a unique builders network and predictive insights to connect people and data across the entire building lifecycle, from design through operations.
At the center are best-of-breed construction solutions Assemble, BuildingConnected, BIM 360 and PlanGrid. Autodesk Construction Cloud with Autodesk’s established design authoring tools, connects headquarters, office and field teams to increase collaboration and productivity.
Ensuring the whole team is collaborating on an integrated record set and encompasses the industry’s largest ecosystem of owners, designers, builders and trades, and powerful artificial intelligence that helps construction teams identify and mitigate risks

Liquid Two Component Silicone - Booth C4028

Volatile Free, Inc. added a new liquid two component silicone to their existing lines of TDI/MDI molding rubbers. The property composition of silicone rubber allows for increased flexibility and elongation vs a typical polyurethane rubber. Silicone offers the ability to demold without the need for a release agent while making urethane parts. Liquid silicone is a great option for making custom molds to use with applications that require unique pieces with specific requirements. Stop by our booth to see our full line of molding rubbers and plastics. 800-307-9218

STRUXI - Booth N2067

STRUXI is software developed in the field – on actual jobsites – to help construction businesses turn labor productivity from a liability into a competitive edge. Bringing STRUXI to your jobsites allows your foremen to focus on their crews instead of paperwork, and gives you valuable insight into what’s happening in the field, making every job a success.

We get it. Your foremen are swamped and don’t have a lot of patience for admin work. Your crews are your backbone, but finding enough skilled help to take on more jobs is a challenge. And your back office wants more insight into real-time job costs to help boost your razor-thin margins.

Streamline jobsite data and increase profits with STRUXI: Software Built for Hard Work.