Steele Mixer - Booth W4069

The Steele mixer is a concrete mixer that mixes a bag of concrete in under 1 min without power! It is the easiest way to mix concrete. 

WaterMax Water Cart - Booth C3257

The Hy-Flex WaterMax water cart dispenses water accurately to meet material specifications and improve product performance for:

- Fireproofing
- Wastewater
- Stucco
- Plastering
- Infrastructure Repair
- Waterproofing
- and other bagged products

WaterMax uses a digital flow sensor to measure dispensed water and provide fast delivery. This innovative product offers true measurement and control of water into your mixer with features including:

- Continuous accuracy
- Batch consistency
- More consistent yield from product
- Consistent bond strength and adhesion
- Saves money - bags of material go farther
- More accurate than timers systems

Get details, and see the WaterMax in action:

Professional Seamless(TM) with EasyStrip(TM) - Booth N2105

Greif EasyPour(R) Professional Seamless(TM) with EasyStrip(TM)
New for 2021, Professional Seamless concrete forming tubes are now available with a convenient EasyStrip pull tab for time-saving tube removal. The EasyStrip is built into the tube - no need to cut the tube for release. Professional Seamless tubes produce a smooth Class A Finish with no manual finishing needed. These tubes are available in 12" - 48" diameters. Up to 24 feet in continuous length. Over 24 feet, please contact your sales rep. If you are interested in Professional Seamless tubes with EasyStrip, make sure and specify EasyStrip in your order. We also offer Professional Seamless without EasyStrip.
For more information: 1-888-462-9377 [email protected] 

Revolutionary New MICRO CRUSHERS by Senya Tech, Ltd. - Booth W449

Pioneering a new category in Construction Equipment, Senya Tech is excited to introduce our new revolutionary new Senya 3 MICRO CRUSHER. This machine can be pulled behind a 3/4 ton pickup and produce up to 30 tons/hour of beautiful, finished aggregate product!

There is nothing in the entire world even remotely close to the size, portability, output capacity, and price point of this machine retailing at $68,500. When the new Micro screen plants arrive this summer, we will have a Micro crushing plant sorting two sizes for less than $100K. The next lowest price point on any crushing equipment is several hundred thousand dollars more, not to mention takes a tractor trailer to move. Guaranteed to give you more of what everyone needs-PROFIT! 

Kraft Tool Co.- When Your Job Demands the Best - Booth C5152

Introducing Orange ThunderTM made with Kraft Tool’s new revolutionary high performing engineered material KO-20TM.  Developed for the concrete finisher. 

Orange ThunderTM concrete floating tools are made so the float works for you, instead of the float working you.  After a week’s use you will feel the difference in your back, shoulders, and wrist:

Speed to Performance:

  • Low Surface Friction
  • Open Surface Faster
  • Keep Open Longer
  • Finish Job Faster with Less Clean-up

Ease of Use:

  • Reduce Body Fatigue
  • Less Blade Drag
  • Extend Poles Further with Ease
  • Work Across Inclines with Zero Downward Float Drift

Wear Life:

  • Superior Slide Abrasion
  • Rust Resistant

True Smart Level, Precision Construction Altimeter with 3D Terrain Mapping - Booth N1978

True Smart Level
Everything a laser does and much more!
Game changing technology for bidding jobs and figuring grades. Reading is displayed in inches, CM, or feet above sea level. No story pole and no math! True 3D Mapping allows you to survey the job in X,Y,Z format and uploads directly into CAD. Smart Level gives you all the data you need to figure materials needed, earth and fill moved, and man hours to finish the job. 

The Belt Conveyor - Booth W4423

We have innovatively combined the use of air-cushion technology with our standard belt conveyors to create The Belt Conveyor. Our customers can now benefit from a high-capacity conveying system that offers minimal equipment wear and very low operating costs as a result of reduced friction in the conveying line..

PowerView® 700 - Booth W3721

Just in time for World of Concrete, Enovation Controls is proud to announce the release of the PowerView® 700, a 7-inch edge-to-edge glass display in the Murphy® PowerView series of high-performance displays.

What makes the PV700 the ultimate work display?

- Weatherproof IP69K-rated enclosure

- Glove-friendly capacitive touchscreen

- Best-in-class sunlight viewability

- Vivid 24-bit color on a crisp 800x480 LCD

- Infotainment-ready features

- Multiple video inputs with simultaneous streaming

- High-speed processor for smooth animations


Plus the right I/O to connect to your equipment and get the job done.

Find the right display for your application at

STRUXI - Booth N2067

STRUXI is software developed in the field – on actual jobsites – to help construction businesses turn labor productivity from a liability into a competitive edge. Bringing STRUXI to your jobsites allows your foremen to focus on their crews instead of paperwork, and gives you valuable insight into what’s happening in the field, making every job a success.

We get it. Your foremen are swamped and don’t have a lot of patience for admin work. Your crews are your backbone, but finding enough skilled help to take on more jobs is a challenge. And your back office wants more insight into real-time job costs to help boost your razor-thin margins.

Streamline jobsite data and increase profits with STRUXI: Software Built for Hard Work. 

Face Guards / Arm Guards - Booth N744

John Boy is the premier supplier of high-quality Face Guards, Arm Guards, Cooling Towels and more. We take pride in our ability to offer a wide variety of styles and designs for your crew, work or leisure. When you shop with us, you can expect a quality product at an attractive price.  
Our products offer protection from UV rays, dust, bugs, fumes, cold, etc. Made of 100% microfiber polyester, they are lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking, keeping you protected and comfortable while outdoors.
Visit our Booth for demo’s, giveaways and special introductory offers! 
Ask about our custom Face Guard Program!