Steele Mixer - Booth N748

The Steele mixer is a concrete mixer that mixes a bag of concrete in under 1 min without power! It is the easiest way to mix concrete. 

PowerView® 700 - Booth W2823

Just in time for World of Concrete, Enovation Controls is proud to announce the release of the PowerView® 700, a 7-inch edge-to-edge glass display in the Murphy® PowerView series of high-performance displays.

What makes the PV700 the ultimate work display?

- Weatherproof IP69K-rated enclosure

- Glove-friendly capacitive touchscreen

- Best-in-class sunlight viewability

- Vivid 24-bit color on a crisp 800x480 LCD

- Infotainment-ready features

- Multiple video inputs with simultaneous streaming

- High-speed processor for smooth animations


Plus the right I/O to connect to your equipment and get the job done.

Find the right display for your application at

Rocket Start - Driver Gamification App - Booth N1379

There's no question that driver engagement, retention, & recruiting remains a struggle for our industry. So let's take a fun approach to a serious problem – Rocket Start introduces a complete gamification system to the Ready Mix Concrete industry which challenges, recognizes, & rewards delivery professionals for their safety achievements & job performance. Positive recognition reinforces positive behaviors — creating a pool of exceptional concrete delivery professionals to your organization.

Our interactive app fosters driver engagement in and out of work hours, which in turn improves driver retention & overall productivity. Try Rocket Start & let us help you build a culture and brand that encourages long-term and fulfilling careers.

Dispatch Hub - Booth N976

Zello Dispatch Hub replaces radio and legacy push-to-talk (PTT) with a modern alternative that helps dispatchers work together like never before: prioritizing calls as a team and focusing on one task at a time. Drivers receive fast, reliable, one-to-one replies to their calls, increasing safety and eliminating costly delays and product quality issues. Companies using Dispatch Hub operate better, with analytics on call wait times and real-time map and traffic data. Zello clients continuously improve their dispatch center performance, achieving cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.

DL280-7 Wheel Loader - Booth W1302

New Doosan -7 Series wheel loaders feature a redesigned exterior alongside market-leading performance features, smart technologies, improved fuel efficiency and enhanced durability, to lower cost of ownership and maximize uptime.  Features include upgraded axles and a larger bucket capacity to lift and carry more and improve productivity. Standard features in the redesigned cab include a touch screen display, more window glass area and optimized controls for more intuitive use. Plus these machines include several innovative technologies including the Smart Guidance System, Load Isolation System, DoosanCONNECT® Telematics, Situation Awareness Technology and more.

Simple Strap - Booth N667

SIMPLE STRAP is a revolutionary new product that is able to quickly and securely fasten, strap and tie-down just about anything. Made from TPE rubber, SIMPLE STRAP is a strong, weather resistant and easy to use alternative to rope, bungee cords and nylon straps. SIMPLE STRAP is self-gripping and can be simply wound around itself on one end, stretched over the item(s) being secured, and wound around itself at the other end, secured by tucking the end under one loop. Unlike rope there is no need to tie knots, unlike bungee cords there are no hooks at either end required to secure the strap, and unlike nylon straps there is no ratchet system required to tighten and secure the strap. This process is fast to perform and even faster to undo.

TE 70-ATC/AVR SDS-Max Combination Hammer Drill - Booth D230, W3121

Now more powerful than ever before, the new SDS-Max combination hammer drill TE 70-ATC/AVR drills in and demolishes concrete, masonry, and natural stone faster and with more power than any other like tool on the market. Gear up with a tool that will allow you to drill up to 40% faster in reinforced concrete and demolish more concrete than the competitors in its class. Not only will it help you work faster, it will also help you work safer. You can count on the added safety of Hilti’s innovative Active Torque Control (ATC) technology that reduces common safety hazards caused by jammed drill bits. You’ll experience more user comfort and less fatigue from the Active Vibration Reduction (AVR), delivering the lowest vibration in its class.

Overland 950 Series Electric Wheelbarrow – 10 cu. ft. Hopper with Flat Free Tires - Booth N624

The 950 Series is a brand new line from Overland Power Carts! It features a powerful 950 Watt motor along with a massive 75 Amp Hr Battery pack. The 950 series excels on all terrains but has noticeably better performance on inclines when compared to our standard Overland Carts. 950 lb is the estimated capacity on flat surfaces and 500 lb on inclines (up to 15 degrees). Comes standard with flat free dual ag tires. Made in the USA.

Revolutionary New MICRO CRUSHERS by Senya Tech, Ltd. - Booth W634

Pioneering a new category in Construction Equipment, Senya Tech is excited to introduce our new revolutionary new Senya 3 MICRO CRUSHER. This machine can be pulled behind a 3/4 ton pickup and produce up to 30 tons/hour of beautiful, finished aggregate product!

There is nothing in the entire world even remotely close to the size, portability, output capacity, and price point of this machine retailing at $68,500. When the new Micro screen plants arrive this summer, we will have a Micro crushing plant sorting two sizes for less than $100K. The next lowest price point on any crushing equipment is several hundred thousand dollars more, not to mention takes a tractor trailer to move. Guaranteed to give you more of what everyone needs-PROFIT! 

Face Guards / Arm Guards - Booth N744

John Boy is the premier supplier of high-quality Face Guards, Arm Guards, Cooling Towels and more. We take pride in our ability to offer a wide variety of styles and designs for your crew, work or leisure. When you shop with us, you can expect a quality product at an attractive price.  
Our products offer protection from UV rays, dust, bugs, fumes, cold, etc. Made of 100% microfiber polyester, they are lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking, keeping you protected and comfortable while outdoors.
Visit our Booth for demo’s, giveaways and special introductory offers! 
Ask about our custom Face Guard Program!

J-CAP® Safety Cover - Booth N3142

The OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.701(b) states that all protruding reinforcing metal, steel, brackets, and flat nail stakes into and onto which a worker can fall, must be guarded or covered to eliminate the impalement hazard.

Have you heard the old saying, ‘Better a thousand times careful than once dead?” The all NEW J-CAP® Safety Cap from J-CAT Safety products helps protect employees on job sites, reduces the liabilities of risk of accidental impalement, laceration, or even death. It's OSHA Approved!

Come and visit our booth and see a demonstration of the newest innovation of safety covers for metal objects on construction job sites.

Blend A240 - Booth W1441

The Blend A240 is the versatile mobile mixing plant with high production capacity, ease of transport from one work site to another and with no additional mounting operations required. The plant has total hydraulic and electrical autonomy. Each type of aggregate is transferred from the hoppers to the main conveyor belt, to the twin shaft mixer, by means of variable speed extractor belts. Dosing of materials is by negative weighing or electronically controlled by electronic flow meters connected the onboard PLC. GPS and remote control systems provide information regarding production and stock levels at all times.
A240 can produce concrete, cold asphalt, RCC and cementitious mixtures

Exoskeleton EXO-O1 - Booth D230, W3121

Hilti now offers the Exoskeleton EXO-O1 as a pioneering solution to improve jobsite efficiency and alleviate upper-body fatigue and pain resulting from repetitive overhead tasks. The EXO-O1 leverages passive exoskeleton technology that is intuitive, easy-to-adjust, well-balanced, lightweight, and offers a virtually unimpeded range of motion.
Bringing safety and comfort to demanding applications like overhead drywall, piping, air duct, cables and conduit installation among others, the EXO-O1 prioritizes safety and productivity.
There has never been greater focus to improve health, safety, and efficiency on the jobsite. Let Hilti’s Exoskeleton EXO-O1 help you redefine the way you safely and effectively tackle overhead work today.

Jaibot - Booth D230, W3121

A semi-automated drilling technology, the Hilti Jaibot is a robot that helps add more productivity to your installation projects. This innovative construction robot takes over installation execution, while allowing you to track project progress and status through data. Using digital plans, the Jaibot marks and drills holes, relieving construction workers from the strenuous task of overhead drilling and allowing them to focus on operation of the construction robot. You can count on the quality of your installation, while saving the time and costs from coordinating multiple contractors and different applications.

Power Tech® Temporary Power Distribution Box - Booth N2146

Power Tech’s Temporary Power Distribution Box is used by many contractors on jobsites (indoor or outdoor) where there is no power. Our box is ETL approved for indoor and outdoor use. All outlets have circuit breaker overload protection and all U-Ground outlets are GFCI protected. This offers the highest levels of electrical safety. Multiple 15/20A outlets, and 30A and 50A Twistlocks provide the most popular power outlets that contractors use.

The Belt Conveyor - Booth W858


Customers can now benefit from a high-capacity conveying system that offers minimal equipment wear and very low operating costs as a result of reduced friction in the conveying line.

The air-supported belt conveyor has a totally-enclosed design that protects the environment from dust emissions and reduces any material losses to a minimum.

The Belt Conveyor offers an extremely smooth ride surface, eliminating the bumpiness characterized by traditional idler-supported belt conveyors. Therefore, material is discharged in exactly the same condition as when it was loaded onto the belt. 

Professional Seamless(TM) with EasyStrip(TM) - Booth N2904

Greif EasyPour(R) Professional Seamless(TM) with EasyStrip(TM)
New for 2021, Professional Seamless concrete forming tubes are now available with a convenient EasyStrip pull tab for time-saving tube removal. The EasyStrip is built into the tube - no need to cut the tube for release. Professional Seamless tubes produce a smooth Class A Finish with no manual finishing needed. These tubes are available in 12" - 48" diameters. Up to 24 feet in continuous length. Over 24 feet, please contact your sales rep. If you are interested in Professional Seamless tubes with EasyStrip, make sure and specify EasyStrip in your order. We also offer Professional Seamless without EasyStrip.
For more information: 1-888-462-9377 [email protected] 

LSGOMD - Booth N222

Digital level talks to your smart phone! The digital GO! smart from SOLA combines the functions of a spirit level, an inclinometer and a protractor in a single device. The GO! smart’s Bluetooth interface works with the free SOLA Measures app for additional functions. See the LSGOMD at Booth N222 and learn about more digital levels coming to North America! • Measurement tolerance 0.05° at 0° and 90°, 0.2° between 1° and 89°. • Switchable display of the measured values in °, %, mm/m and in/ft. • Digital display rotates automatically for inverted measurements. • Practical V-groove with magnet for a secure hold on pipes and metal surfaces. • Compact, light, handy.

3D Printer Structural Mortar - Booth N268

Save on labor and time with geopolymer 3D printing!

Geopolymer International presents Renca's geopolymer 3D structural mortar. Its high thixotropy and fluidity make it ideal for 3D printing. Through both geopolymer's chemical structure and the ability to adjust setting times, geopolymer mortar avoids the issue of slump.

Renca's award-winning mortar exceeds a compressive strength of 14,500 PSI. This waterproof and fireproof material makes your buildings safer than ever.

Avoid the pollution caused by Portland concrete. Geopolymer mortar creates up to 90% less emissions than Portland and uses 10 times less energy. Industrial byproducts can be used in both the binder and aggregate, which can help towards LEED certification.

Foundations iQ - Booth N1677

Foundations iQ is the smart asset management solution for unknown foundations. Unknown foundations are a major problem facing owners of aging civil infrastructure, such as telecommunications and transmission towers. As the global expert in foundation assessment and mapping, FDH has developed Foundations iQ, an innovative new product that:

• Automates FDH nondestructive probing expertise

• Determines foundation type and geometry across asset portfolio

• Facilitates evaluation of concrete strength and quality

• Eliminates costly excavation, avoiding structure risk and preventing disruption to operations

Learn more about making Foundations iQ an integral part of your maintenance and capital improvement programs.


TO UNLOCK Simply pull collar back to disconnect.
AMBER LIGHT Indicates power from the outlet and through the extension cord.
GREEN LIGHT Identifies there is ground continuity in the cord and through the circuit.
LOCKING CONNECTOR Provides a secure connection for standard plugs with a pull strength of 80lbs. Simply pull collar back to disconnect

Century® 6/3-8/1 STW Temporary Power Extension Cords with CGM™ - Booth N2146

(Types 50A-125/250V or 50A-480V) Our heavy duty 6/3-8/1 Temporary Power Extension Cords are molded with our exclusive “CGM” Continuous Ground Monitoring ends. These CGM ends have lighted amber power check male plugs with green ground check female connectors. These cords are used with “spider boxes” or “power sleds” to provide power from temporary power poles or jobsite generators. These boxes have multiple outlets of 15A, 20A, and 30A, providing power for portable power tools and lighting equipment.

True Smart Level, Precision Construction Altimeter with 3D Terrain Mapping - Booth N1978

True Smart Level

Everything a laser does and much more!

Game changing technology for bidding jobs and figuring grades. Reading is displayed in inches, CM, or feet above sea level. No story pole and no math! True 3D Mapping allows you to survey the job in X,Y,Z format and uploads directly into CAD. Smart Level gives you all the data you need to figure materials needed, earth and fill moved, and man hours to finish the job.

FOCUS Mix - Booth N1552

When it comes to providing on-time, high-quality deliveries, ready-mix operators need to know they have the best possible practices in place. The FOCUS by TELUS AVL solution was custom-built for the minute-by-minute requirements of the industry. Monitor workflows, assess current performance and optimize deliveries so that the maximum quantity of ready-mix is usable on job sites Track and report status, in real-time, materials loaded, hauled and discharged by vehicle, job and site Monitor the trace route of any ticket’s history Driver messaging app streamlines communication with the back office Use KPI targets to monitor utilization and keep expensive equipment billing hours Integrates with and automates most popular ticket dispatch systems

LiftBoss 28" Solid Aperture Tires - Booth W2425

New 28" LiftBoss low-profile, directional and non-directional heavy-duty (HD) tires, from SolidBoss, sized 13.00-28 and 14.00-28, replace 13.00-24 and 14.00-24 tires used on 6-12K telehandlers. Rugged and long-lasting (up to 8x longer than pneumatic tires), LiftBoss tires feature a unique aperture design that improves cushioning and stability. Premium SolidBoss tires are preferred by OEMs and rental companies, delivering an optimal mobility solution for 100% uptime, productivity and utilization.

24x8.5 Single-Piece Heavy-Duty Wheel - Booth W2425

OTR 24x8.5" single-piece heavy-duty wheel features HSLA grade steel for critical sections; it's ideal for off-road construction, oil field, forestry and specialty vehicle applications. Of particular note, it replaces traditional 3-piece wheels used in N. America and works with tubeless tires, thus providing a better solution for fleets looking for performance and value.

Keson G150BOLD - Booth N222

Keson Giant Chalk Boxes are the world’s finest chalk line reel. The G150BOLD has 150-Feet of bold string and holds up to a pound of chalk. Patented "Big Mouth" opening is easy to fill and no leak stopper keeps chalk in box. Large hand hold for "glovable" grip. Steel crank handle and ABS plastic hold up to harshest conditions. • One-piece steel crank for long life • 150 feet of bold heavy duty poly-cord braided line for superior strength • Huge Big Mouth opening to ease fill up and a no-leak stopper

Hilti Concrete Sensors - Booth D230, W3121

Helping general contractors get projects done ahead of schedule and under budget, Hilti’s Concrete Sensors provide accurate real time information about your jobsite concrete, empowering you to make faster and better decisions. Curing temperature can have a dramatic impact on how quickly concrete cures. Since concrete cylinders are smaller and cure at lower temperatures, they are not always good indicators of field concrete strength. With Hilti’s wireless concrete sensors and free mobile app, you can more easily and accurately monitor your jobsite concrete temperature, maturity, and relative humidity. It’s never been easier to more accurately monitor your jobsite concrete.

Dewalt® 12/3 SJTW LIGHTED EXTENSION CORD - Booth N2146

AMBER LIGHT Indicates power from the outlet and through the extension cord.
GREEN LIGHT Identifies there is ground continuity in the cord and through the circuit.
OVERSIZED STRAIN RELIEF AND PREMOLDS Prevents the ends from pulling away from the jacket.
INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CONTACTS Nickel coated blades and contacts are heat and corrosion resistant with excellent conductivity.

Dräger X-plore® 1750 - Booth N3136

Designed for maximum comfort, Dräger N95 respirators filter out 95 percent of non-oil-based particulates. And because they’re manufactured right here in America, you don’t have to wait on global supply chains to meet your needs. Folded flat and individually wrapped, Dräger X-plore® 1750 respirators are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications and confined spaces. They are extremely comfortable to wear with a soft hypoallergenic inner layer offering consistently low breathing resistance. Best of all, we’re stocked and ready to ship, with respirators available right now. Visit us at Booth N3136 to try one on and learn more about our respiratory protection solutions for concrete & masonry construction.