NEW PERI DUO Lightweight Formwork System for Walls, Slabs and Columns - Booth O30944

DUO is PERI’s brand new engineered-plastic panel formwork system. With only 4 lbs per sq. ft. and standard panel sizes of about 3 x 4½ ft., DUO is a true handset system, specifically designed to be handled without the need for a crane. DUO achieves its strength through fiber reinforcements, thus allowing high concrete pressures while maintaining the lightweight attributes of polymer. Another truly unique feature of DUO is its ability to use the same panels for walls, columns and slabs – with only a few extra parts required for the conversion. 

GPS Insight Hours of Service ELD Solution - Booth C3402

The GPS Insight Hours of Service Solution ensures FMCSA compliance and delivers superior safety and productivity for your fleet. The ELD solution bundles an Android tablet hardwired to a GPS tracking device. The tablet features an intuitive interface to ensure ease of use for all drivers. The management portal is web-based and accessible via PC, tablet, and smartphone. The ELD solution includes messaging, routing, and award-winning GPS tracking data. GPS Insight understands that this mandate is a paradigm shift and is offering customers hands-on training, augmented by on-demand videos to make the transition from paper logs to e-logs as seamless as possible.

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Euclid Chemical: EucoRepair V100 - Booths S10338 & O40853

EucoRepair V100 is a single-component, fast setting, low shrinkage structural concrete repair mortar for vertical and overhead repairs that require high performance. EucoRepair V100 has excellent freeze-thaw resistance so durability is ensured even in the most challenging climates, and is enhanced with polymer and microfiber for excellent adhesion and resistance to cracking. Formulated with an integral corrosion inhibitor and low permeability materials, EucoRepair V100 helps protect embedded rebar from corrosion.

Euclid Chemical: EucoRepair SCC FS - Booths S10338 & O40853

EucoRepair SCC FS is a fast-setting, one component, self-consolidating concrete repair mortar that is shrinkage-compensated, polymer and microfiber modified, and contains an integral corrosion inhibitor. It is designed for horizontal and formed vertical/overhead structural repairs in applications from 1 inch (2.5 cm) to full depth where fast stripping of forms and return to service is required.

A.R.E. Blue Classic- The Revolutionized Diamond Tool Booth S13929

We are proud to launch our award winning diamond tools in
the World of Concrete show in 2018. Our Patented Dia-Grit, Vacuum Brazed, Revolutionized line of diamond tools are the ultimate tools for the construction industry. They can used for cutting, grinding, shaping, trimming, and carving. It can be used either wet or dry on any type of stone, concrete, bricks, stuccos, tiles, glass and even fiberglass.
This uniquely designed new line of diamond tools offers a long life span, is lighter in weight, and are very safe to use.
We would like to invite you to our booth and see the tool
demonstration. (some restrictions apply)

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Plexxis Software Inc. - Booth C3424

WHY do most Field Apps Fail?

Most apps are made BY people in chairs, FOR people managing drawings, reports, documents, time cards, extra work orders, materials, tools and equipment WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY avoiding falls, explosions, electrocution, falling debris, dehydration, exhaustion and being hit cars or crushed by materials.

Plexxis provides FIELD FIRST Specialty Contractor Technology that unites your entire team. 

Our elite customers double revenue in 18-24 months with no additional admin staff, achieve perfect change order management, instant cost projections and LIVE WIP, exceptional drawing, document, material, time and field data management while attracting the industry’s best PMs and Foremen.

Concrete Tools Rattle Stick - Booth O40722

The Rattle Stick is the most versatile vibrating attachment in the world. It's snap pole design is genius for a quick click into any tool. 3 power levels available from standard to a slump buster extreme tool. 2 rechargeable batteries allow you to go non stop on pours over 10,000 ft2. Saves time and gives you a better finish.

We support Concrete Cares with our optional vibrant pink tools to help raise funds for individuals affected by cancer.

Pathfinder System's Model S - Booth N2251

The Model S is Tiger’s most advanced, high speed concrete products machine.  It is fully interchangeable with most existing machine foundations, production pallets, return conveyors, frontal product delivery conveyors and most existing molds.  This machine is capable of producing a large range of products.  It’s simple and quick mold change system releases the mold compression head directly.  The speed of the motor revolutions is easily programmable.  It allows for height changes in only an additional 2 minutes. The unique mold vibration system design requires neither a brake or a clutch.


Professional Products Direct - Booth N2853

This is perhaps the most versatile concrete sealer, hardener, retardant, freeze protectant, and cure on the market today and can be used in the most extreme conditions (High Heat 120* or below freezing  -20* F) with fantastic results and WITHOUT A CONCRETE BLANKET

One application of Single Seal & Freeze Protect offers the benefits of having a completely sealed concrete but leave the substrate surface completely receptive to all paints, topical sealers (urethanes, epoxies, acrylics, and glues,) weather breathable or non-breathable.  This offers the added protection preventing the separation milking your chosen topcoat caused by moisture and water molecules released by unsealed concrete.

Element Glo - Booth S13931

We are Element Glo, manufacturers of industrial grade, glow-in-the-dark crystals, tiles, grout, and decorative mosaics. Our products can be installed into any concrete projects you or your team can dream of including concrete walkways, driveways, countertops, swimming pool surfaces, decking, customized business logos, etc.

Element Glo products charge using any light source especially the UV light of the sun or black light exposure. Element Glo products are highly customizable for your specific project(s), powerful enough to glow all night long, and guaranteed to last the duration of the life of the project for which they are installed.  

Ecospan Composite Floor System - Booth N3149

The groundbreaking Ecospan Composite Floor System is an innovative, simple, effective and economical solution that provides excellent value through its high-strength to weight ratio, excellent fire and sound ratings and flexible design capability. Ideally suited for multi-story residential and commercial buildings, this system incorporates the benefits of open web structural components for elevated floor construction.


  • Senior Living and Care Facilities
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Student Housing
  • Military Housing
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Medical Facilities
  • Office Buildings

Economical. Fast. Safe. Strong. Versatile. Quiet. Green. Just a few of the advantages of The Ecospan Composite Floor System.

Reliable Void Forms - Booth N1449

Reliable Void Forms introduces a new innovative void form for slabs and beams, molded from 100% recycled pulp.  Like carton forms, our void form becomes weaker over time as moisture is naturally absorbed.  However, we slowed that process down to prevent failure during the placement, even when everything is wet.   Simple to install, just drop them side-by-side, break or cut to fit around shapes; no complicated geometries or lay-outs.  Install vapor barrier, hardboard and rebar just like with carton forms. Reliable Void Forms nest in a stack (less space) and don’t need a trailer for storage at the job site.

Quasco Innovative Machinery - Booth C7573

Quasco's innovative machinery represents the evolution of technology in the world of resonant rubblization.  Resonant rubblization drastically reduces road closure time, rehabilitation costs and environmental impact of road rehabilitation.

Once the roadway has been rubblized, it can be rolled with a standard vibratory roller to compact the new interlocking base material. The HMA or a new concrete surface is then applied without requiring a bonding agent. One resonant rubblizing machine rehabilitates 1KM of a 2-lane road per day. 

After completion, seams are eliminated thus eliminating reflective cracking in the HMA. Studies have shown the roadway life is extended 20+ years.

Euclid Chemical: Duralkote 61 - Booths S10338 & O40853

Duralkote 61 is a two-component, 100% solids, high-performance epoxy coating system designed for use on concrete floors and walls. Duralkote 61 complies with the requirements of NSF/ANSI 61 for contact with potable water and provides exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance, and has excellent adhesion to properly prepared concrete. Duralkote 61 produces a glossy, tile-like, easily maintained surface.  

Simpson Strong-Tie®: SET-3G™- Booth O30220

The next generation of Simpson Strong-Tie® epoxy adhesive is more reliable and versatile. With a code report pending, the high-strength SET-3G™anchoring adhesive can be installed in extreme concrete temperatures (from 40°F to 100°F) as well as in dry or water-filled holes in concrete to provide the strength and performance needed for adhesive anchor installations on your projects. Rely on SET-3G epoxy for your next project.


Cortek™ System - Booth N3148

The CorTek core construction system is a faster, less expensive, safer, and higher quality alternative to conventional cast-in-place, pre-cast and masonry methods of core construction. The CorTek system removes the service core from the project critical path, provides safer, earlier, and more efficient trade access to floors, and enhances flexibility of construction sequence scheduling. Because the product is manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment, assurance can be made that the final core is constructed as designed and not “as built”.

SDS/2 Concrete - Booth C3810

SDS/2 Concrete enables multiple users to virtually build concrete structures simultaneously. The software’s specialized tools allow for automated placement of reinforcing steel in the concrete. Automatically generate detailed bending and placing schedules, as well as placement drawings, from 3D model information, saving time over traditional 2D workflows and putting you at the forefront of the BIM market.

SDS/2 Concrete also provides automatic connection design to concrete embeds with full design calculations. All the features of SDS/2 Concrete work seamlessly with any of the SDS/2 software solutions, allowing easy and smooth communication through the life of the project.

SharpGrade Box Blade by Progressive Equipment - Booth C7479

Our new, patented SharpGrade Leveller has the rigid, robust QuadRod system, 20 degrees total tilt, fully sealed, grease-free & has only 4 moving parts, offering speed & accuracy. 

World first retracting wheels offer compact transport, use it like a bulldozer close to edges & walls then extend wheels for a perfect laser finish. Twin pivoting blades operate in both directions. 

SharpGrade comes standard with twin mirrors, adjustable hitch, full manual control, curved mould board, valve stem guards & graduated laser poles. Sizes are 5’, 6’, 7’ & 8’ to suit 30 – 120HP. Options are 3D & Trisonic

Euclid Chemical: Versaspeed 100 - Booths S10338 & O40853

Versaspeed 100 is a single-component, rapid-hardening, low shrinkage, microfiber reinforced horizontal concrete repair mortar for projects that must be traffic or coating ready within hours. Versaspeed 100 is suitable for interior or exterior applications at thicknesses ranging from ¼ inch (0.6 cm) to 6 inches (15 cm). Easy to place and finish, Versaspeed 100 is fortified with shrinkage compensating and reducing additives to help prevent cracking.

Simpson Strong-Tie®: FRCM - Booth O30220

Repair and strengthen all in one shot.

Repair, protect and strengthen aging, damaged or overloaded concrete and masonry structures in one application and significantly reduce your installed cost. The new FRCM Externally Bonded Composite Strengthening System combines high-performance sprayable mortar with carbon fiber mesh to create thin-walled, reinforced concrete shells without adding significant weight or mass to the structure.

To learn more visit or call (800) 999-5099.

Sigma’s 400 and 1000 Series Fiberglass Form Ties - Booth N2923

Sigma’s 400 and 1000 Series Fiberglass Form Ties are made from a robust combination of our proprietary resin and glass. We grind our custom thread into the bar to create the strongest fiberglass thread on the market. Contractors are able to simply thread on our steel nut instead of using the traditional complicated and cumbersome wedge grip system. Having a fully threaded coil rod makes Sigma 400 and 1000 Series Form Ties easier to use than its steel or fiberglass competitors. There is zero potential of slippage once load is applied eliminating the worrisome issue that plagues other systems.