Springbolt Concrete Anchor - Booth N2849

The Springbolt Concrete Anchor is a newly patented mechanical anchor to be embedded in wet concrete. With its greater load capacities and elimination of drilling holes, etc., it is an improvement over wedge or epoxy fasteners. The Springbolt has been extensively tested and is compliant per ACI 318-11 Appendix D of the International Building Code. The anchor comes in various sizes, can be used horizontally or vertically, contains a galvanized bolt and may be considered for use in seismic areas. Becaused the Springbolt eliminates the labor cost for drilling, cleaning the hole, additional inspections, and results in the use of fewer anchors, the cost of using a Springbolt is comparable to wedge or epoxy fasteners.


XR35 - Booth N613

NUDURA has revolutionized the ICF industry from its inception; making quality products that feature innovation to make the building process easier and faster for our customers. We believe in continuous R&D that allows us to provide the most innovative line of Insulated Concrete Forms in the market.

The new XR35 has an R-Value of R-35 with all the innovative features as our standard ICF block. The 4” (102mm) thick EPS panels and newly designed fastening strips make this form more energy efficient with the same lightweight technology! The fastening strips are 5/8” (16mm) below the surface and conveniently marked with a diamond pattern making fastening the interior or exterior finishes quick and easy on site.


Ultra-Lath Plus® plastic lath - Booth C3159

FIRE-TESTED Non-rusting
Perfect for rustproofing your stucco and stone veneer system installations – Non-metallic ULTRA-LATH PLUS is the non-rusting alternative to metal laths.
Unaffected by salt, moisture and chemicals, heavy-duty Ultra-Lath Plus is also 1/4" self-furred for improved keying and ASTM compliance.
It’s Fire-Tested, NFPA 285. And meets ASTM C1063, C1764, C1780, C1787, C1788, C1861, and requirements for Non Metallic Plaster Bases as noted in ASTM C926.
• Safer, easier to use than metal
• Compatible with cement-based products
• Available in sheets (with and without paper backing), rolls, strips 


Diga-Talk Plus - Booth N1965

Diga-Talk+ steps in where standard two-way radios fail. We go beyond the local or regional areas. We go the distance with you on our nationwide push-to-talk 4G LTE secure data network. Making it possible to travel a longer distance and remain connected to your team with no range limitations.


2.3 Series - Booth C7077

Based on customer feedback and internal engineering advances, MultiOne is making upgrades to their popular 2.3 Series mini loader. The 2.3 Series has been a favorite asset for landscapers, lawn care professionals, farmers, concrete companies, and construction companies due to its minimal width, power-to-size ratio, and attachment availability.

The 2.3 EFI redesign brings an electronic fuel injection system, redesigned frame, and various upgraded parts.
It will cut down on fuel consumption, reduce downtime for refueling, and keep the engine running smoothly throughout power delivery.


AQiX - Booth S13045

Collomix Water Dosage Tool: AQiX
Simple. Fast. Precise.
The new mobile water dosing device AQiX from Collomix enables you to dose the exact amount of water required for your material at the touch of a button. By using the AQiX, you will always receive the water quantity specified by the material manufacturer for each mixture, thus ensuring the consistent quality of your mix. Especially with modern building materials / dry mixes such as thin-bed mortar, levelling compounds, concrete and tile adhesive, etc. a precise amount of water is essential. AQiX is the solution to this problem!


MiTower- Booth C3028

MiTower and MiTower Plus Aluminum mobile access towers offer one man installation and working heights of 20' and 26' with easy set-up on stairs. Perfect for your light duty access needs!


TIGER PS-1000HD Concrete Products Machine- Booth N1763

The PS-1000HD is TIGER's newest and largest paver producing line of machines. The PS Series of paving machines are the most practical paver makers in the industry. They are made for high production of paving stone units from as low as 1.25" up to 12" in height. This machine produces pavers that meet or exceed product quality standards in the industry. The PS-1000HD has an industry exclusive feature for a large, board-type machine; allowing it to use production steel pallets or "board-type" hardwood or hardwood and plastic production pallets. Engineered and built for heavy-duty, continuous, dependable, long-life operation; this machine does what larger and more expensive competitor's machines do at a lower cost.


CLEARBLAST CB150HV- Booth O30870

The CB150HV from CLEARBLAST, takes all the benefits of the original CB150 and increases your production capability by upwards of 25%! By re-engineering the air flow, this new unit allows an operator to take advantage of large volume air compressors (375+cfm) and use larger blast hoses and nozzles - thus substantially increasing your removal rates. Built around the success of the standard CB150 - this new model is still small enough to make it through a standard doorway, includes an on-board water tank, is wheeled for job site portability and includes our patented pneumatically automated control panel for class leading simplicity and trouble free operation!


Chapin Evolution™ Xtreme® Compressor Charged Sprayer - Booth S10738

The Evolution Concrete Sprayer, Model 19099, combines all of Chapin’s top level features in one sprayer. Featuring stainless steel construction, Xtreme seals, a Schrader Valve with PRV, a 19” brass wand with dripless shut-off, and a stainless steel Tee Jet fan nozzle, Evolution sets a new industry standard. Visit us at booth S10739. www.chapimmfg.com 1-800-950-4458

SiteTrack360 - Booth N2370

SiteTrack360 Time & Attendance

Buddy punching & ghost employees have been a real threat to labor budgets of construction businesses for years now. The problem is repetitive & insidious and serious money & productivity is lost by paying people on your construction site who are not even there. The question is how can you accurately know who is on site and who is not? Current time systems still have not adequately addressed the problem of labor fraud and have not closed the loop on cheating.

SiteTrack360 has built a system that uses face recognition technology to track employee hours and tasks. Innovative tools allow your site managers and HR people to properly track your employee punches and push those labor hours directly into payroll.


SuperThread - Booth O30970

As our industries that rely upon concrete advance, traditional concrete simply can’t keep up.That’s especially true for the Heavy Equipment Dealers and Manufacturers.

The only 'solution' you’ve had has been to invest heavily in its maintenance and replacement. That has been the solution for so long, that it’s become the accepted 'norm'.

Not anymore - MEGASLAB™ is here.
MEGASLAB™ is a brand new and complete concrete system.
It utilizes sophisticated nanotechnology paired with a proprietary blend of durable and flexible admixtures.

The result: An impermeable jointless slab with exceptional tensile strength and durability for the heaviest loads and equipment.


Merlo Panoramic with Stabilizers - Booth C5745

The P40.13 and P50.18Plus bring powerful stability to the construction market. These high capacity telehandlers with lift heights of 41’2” - 58’5”, reaches of 28’3” - 44’, and load capacities of 8,800 - 11,000 lbs., include the added benefit of independent, front axle mounted stabilizers.
Boom side shift and frame leveling are standard and can be engaged with or without stabilizers in use. The new, modular cabs with “Plug & Play” electronics, heat/AC, supply expansive views (thanks to the low pivot boom) for load and machine safety. There is an LCD display with real-time parameters, including the overload protection system, electronic joystick with fingertip controls, and an easy reach dashboard. See the full line ams-merlo.com/equipment.


Pecora-Deck HB1000 - Booth O40635

Pecora-Deck HB1000 is Pecora’s answer to a fast curing, tough, durable, low odor alternative to traditional polyurethane and PMMA traffic coatings. The system allows for up to 125 mil single and multi-laminate applications without the typical swelling, blistering, and foaming associated with high mil systems. HB1000 protects traffic and non-traffic bearing substrates from physical abuse, water infiltration, and UV degradation. It is acceptable for use in areas subjected to heavy duty vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Features include: high impact resistance, integral aggregate and field tintable options, VOC compliant and low/no odor makes it is safe for use in both interior and exterior applications. See HB1000 in action at Booth #O40635. 


Manual Caulking Gun with Variable Thrust Ratio - Booth S13631

Dispensing tool with Variable thrust ratio

When switching the button to 12:1, the stroke is 7mm
It is suitable for Low and Medium viscosity materials, such as latex & silicone.

The opposite is switch to 24:1, the stroke is 3.5mm.
It is suitable for Medium and High viscosity materials, such as PU & epoxy.
High-performance drive ( Easy on hand)

The handle with TPE rubber soft grip design, comfortable to use.
Patented quick switch 12:1 to 24:1 thrust ratio system
Patented no trigger gaps design
Customize LOGO print screen or label on the body
The best innovative dispensers manufacturer!
Welcome to visit us!


SPiRe by QuakeWrap - Booth S13731

The SPiRe® (Sheet Pile Repair) system, developed by and available exclusively from QuakeWrap, Inc., is an innovative new method of repairing and restoring corroded seawalls and bulkheads made of steel sheet pile, both above and below water, using impermeable FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) composites. It can be engineered to nearly any thickness and strength, as required by the original structure.

The SPiRe® system uses custom-designed FRP panels made of lightweight honeycomb 3D fabric layered between sheets of resin-saturated fabric to form a barrier that’s impervious to water and oxygen, thus halting further corrosion while protecting the areas of the original structure or embankment where corrosion is most likely to re-occur.


TLK100 Wave Two-Way Radio- Booth C7380

Combining the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications, the WAVE™ two-way radio TLK 100 gets your team connected fast - all the benefits of cellular without the distractions!

The WAVE™ two-way radio makes device management simple, because every WAVE™ two-way radio includes built-in capabilities with the cost of your subscription. Giving you the ability to change talk groups, modify device names, add Wi-Fi credentials, or disable devices—all in seconds, not hours—without touching a single device. The WAVE™ two-way radio keeps communication simple and quick, so you can focus on driving business results.


PipelineSuite - Booth N1673

PipelineSuite Bid Management Software helps general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers streamline their bidding process in a fraction of the time it used to take.
The PipelineBid module allows subcontractors and suppliers to manage all their projects in real time and in one place. While general contractors can refine the process of creating bidders lists and sending bid invitations through PipelineRFQ. The robust customization of PipelinePrequal allows GC's to configure their questionnaires the way they want. PipelineSuite has an extensive amount of subcontractors in their PipelineDirectory which GC's can use when they lack coverage. For more information or a demo, stop by our booth at N1673.


ROXOR by Mahindra - Booth B50504

Mahindra has been building vehicles for over 70 years. A more than $20 billion-dollar company supports the ROXOR Brand.

ROXOR: No other off-road vehicle on the planet has the heritage, durability and reputation. Its predecessor helped win wars, explore continents, and has taken its occupants around the globe.

•Reliable, economical, and long lasting, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine putting out
144 ft lbs of torque
•4WD to help get you where you need to go.
•Sturdy box steel frame
•Rock solid reliable drivetrain with automotive style 5-speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission
•Big wheels and brakes, high tech tires

A perfect blend of old school simplicity and current technology. ROXOR will fit well in to your construction fleet.


Rattle Stick VBA1 - Booth O30570

What is the VBA1? It's the latest float vibration technology by Rattle Stick Concrete Tools. Venom, is our proven vibration mechanism. Bi-Directional, is applied motor direction for operator assist. Automatic, a system that turns on and off without a remote! 1st Generation of this Bi-Direction, automatic system with dual external industry standard battery packs. Compatible with Makita, DeWalt and Milwaukee 18-20V. Manual mode allows for sloped work in any direction; automatic mode is for super flat work yet still works on cross slopes exceeding 15 degrees. Variable speed controls. The VBA1 bolts to any Marshalltown or Kraft bull or channel float. Recommended use on 72" floats or longer. Made in the USA delivered World Wide. Photo coming soon.


CI Starter Trac™ for Hard Coat - Booth C3159

New Continuous Insulation Starter Trac™
for Base of Hard Coat Wall

Save on labor with Plastic Components’ new one-piece continuous insulation STCI series 3/4 and 7/8 inch trims for hard coat stucco.

Designed for the base of a hard coat concrete stem wall, this weeped STARTER TRAC™ combines the Trac with a built-in corner bead. It saves installation time, improves job quality and delivers a better finish. Warnock-Hersey certified, these contractor-grade PVC trims are made for 1.5”, 2” or 2.5” foam, for use with
Three-Coat stucco finishes.

Patent Pending.


Aggregate Heating - Booth N616

Our high pressure CurePak has the ability to heat wet sand and rock. Energy cannot push through wet sand without a higher pressure. Highly concentrated energy is required to thaw the core of rock. Very high efficiency comes from a direct-fired “steam” generator where nearly all of the energy is delivered to the aggregate pile. Our system uses half the water of a boiler so the aggregate is not so saturated with water. Consistent moisture in warm aggregate improves your mix temperature greatly. Run the whole year with a high pressure CurePak.


Mobileye 8 Connect - Booth N2071

Mobileye takes road safety technology further with Mobileye 8 Connect, featuring enhanced ADAS features, connectivity, and actionable data insight. With our new fleet management software (FMS) integrated, fleets can receive driver and vehicle insights, reporting and information to optimize their operations. Powered by our latest processor, EyeQ®4, and an improved camera, Mobileye 8 Connect offers state-of-the-art collision avoidance technology and over the air updates, ensuring your fleet remains the latest in safety technology. 


All-In-One Beacon LED Tower Light- Booth C6906

The all-in-one Beacon LED Tower provides you with all the functionality of three separate lighting assets, in one award-winning package. A single Beacon LED Tower can be used as a generator powered tower, an electric powered LED tower, and now as a no-glare diffused light tower. This innovative, all-in-one unit alleviates the need to own three separate towers for different types of jobs. Utilize the tower on remote construction sites, in a quiet, fume free area on an external power source and now as a no-glare lighting tower for events and roadside construction. Just clip on our no-glare diffuser frames in under one minute, and your all-in-one Beacon LED Tower provides the glare-free light that you need.


Vanguard Commercial Battery Packs- Booth O31130

The Vanguard Commercial Battery is the only fully-integrated, complete battery solution on the market. The customized Vanguard lithium-ion battery pack, Battery Management System and battery charger work seamlessly together to deliver efficient power and performance. The 48-volt Vanguard® Commercial Battery system is available in 5kWh and can be combined for additional capacity to power up to 20kWh. Designed as a fully integrated solution complete with a programmable battery management system (BMS) that allows for customization to the application while monitoring the overall system. Customizable CANbus networks allow for integration to legacy systems and afford easy diagnostics. Vanguard will follow this launch with 10kWh and 2.5kWh packs.


Bergen Wireless Predictive Maintenance Sensor- Booth N1763

What if you could predict failures on your manufacturing machine?

Escape the expenses and dangers of unplanned downtime. Get ahead of failures and your competition with the latest in predictive maintenance technologies. This new cutting edge, wireless predictive maintenance sensor, which is about the size of an egg, will tell you:

~ When a pinion bearing is nearing the end of its life
~ Which pieces of equipment needs maintenance
~ Whether a hydraulic pump is running smoothly
~ When your block machine is going to fail (in many cases, long before human detection)

Adding predictive maintenance tools to your machinery is simple, affordable, and smart!


CHECKMATE - Infinity Lanyard- Booth C4065

The revolutionary new shock absorbing Infinity Lanyard is the world’s first personal energy absorber to be rated as both a 6ft and 12ft free fall device at a staggering 420lb max user weight.

The shock absorbing tear webbing is a blended fiber of specially developed high-performance UHMPE yarns. This enables the device to be ultra-compact, super lightweight yet increases its performance capabilities.

The Infinity Lanyard range is available in multiple configuration including single, twin, elasticated, webbing, kernmantle rope and cable versions and a choice of high quality forged aluminum connectors.

• User weight: 130lbs – 420 lbs
• ANSI and OSHA Compliant
• 50% smaller than similar weight rated devices
• Reduces work place risks


Chapin Dust Abatement Backpack Sprayer - Booth S10738

The Chapin 63863 Dust Abatement Water Supply Backpack Sprayer makes it easy to comply with OSHA regulations for dust abatement. Powered by a 24v Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, the sprayer requires no pumping. The 4 gallon capacity provides the water supply you need yet is easily portable. A heavy duty dust abatement hose with a ¾” MGHT fitting connects directly to your concrete saw. An accessory spray wand assembly is also included. Contact Chapin or your dealer to order today! 1-800-950-4458, chapinmfg.com

Riskcast - Booth N1472

Capture TIME and MORE

Riskcast is a Construction Management platform for Trade Contractors.

We use simple capture tools to streamline payroll and provide real-time reporting for project teams. Crews on site record hours, equipment usage, production quantities and other daily information and teams get instant access to productivity trends alerting them to issues that might have come up that day.

Think of us as your digital Swiss Army knife! 


PureFlo 3000 PAPR - Booth O30970

Innovative all-in-one head, face, and respiratory protection with enhanced comfort and performance.

The PureFlo 3000 PAPR is the new breed of industry leading all-in-one NIOSH approved air-purifying protection systems. Our next evolution of all-in-one respiratory, eye/face and head protection is lighter weight with a lower profile. Enhanced features for maximum mobility and simplified use make it ideal for welding in a variety of environments with protections against manganese exposures. The all-in-one design makes it ideal for welding in tight spaces and different body orientations. Two auto-darkening filter options are available along with a flame-retardant face seal to maximize facial protection.


PurEpoxy PE-100 LVX - Booth S11939

💥💥💥NEW PE-100 LVX💥💥💥
👉🏻perfect gloss
👉🏻45-60 minutes working time
👉🏻lower viscosity
👉🏻easier to install
👉🏻perfect finish every time
👉🏻more vibrant color
👉🏻unique floor every time


Fiberglass Loop Tie - Booth N2045

The Steel Dog Fiberglass Loop Tie is the first and only fiberglass form tie designed as a direct substitute for conventional steel loop ties. It installs effortlessly in steel-framed plywood forms with standard wedge bolts and has an ultimate strength of 6,000lbs. Applications for fiberglass ties range from exposed concrete walls, to insulated sandwich style concrete walls, and anywhere corrosion or rust is a concern. Unlike steel ties that are “broken back” into a finished concrete wall, fiberglass ties are ground flush. The epoxy coated glass fiber is tinted to match the color of concrete, resulting in a tie that virtually disappears in the wall.


Concrete Engineering Experts - Booth N516

Zenith Engineers is an expert in concrete formwork and shoring and our experience in construction brings a unique perspective to all things concrete. We have been instrumental in putting "contractor friendly" methodologies in place taking into account other bracing, temporary shoring, and existing conditions that may already be on site.

Visit us during the show at North hall in booth N516 to receive a free consultation with our principal structural engineer

We offer services in post tension decks and slabs, shoring and bracing plans, formwork and falsework designs, vertical shoring, spec materials, vertical and horizontal formwork, as well as, custom and specialty formwork solutions, and more.


Form-A-Tube™ - Booth S13731

Form-A-Tube® is a green and sustainable reusable PVC form for casting concrete that can save you time and money. The plastic strips stack flat for ease of shipment and storage. The unique male and female connectors along the strips snap together like Ziplock bags to create a tube of any diameter. Each strip adds exactly 2 inches to the diameter of the tube; 6 strips make a 12-inch tube, 7 make a 14-inch tube and so on. Shorter segments can be connected to make a tube of virtually any length.


GearGrid’s Barrel Lifter - Booth C3519

GearGrid’s heavy-duty Barrel Lifter provides an ideal solution for safe and efficient lifting on the jobsite. Constructed with superior strength, the Barrel Lifter allows you to easily transport a variety of tools and equipment from the ground to elevated work platforms. Each system ensures safe lifting due to our completely designed, engineered, and tested products to meet the highest safety standards. When the lifters are not in use, they have the ability to be stacked so space can be maximized and used most effectively on the jobsite. For more information on GearGrid’s Barrel Lifter as well as their full-line of innovative products, visit: https://www.geargrid.com/construction-storage-solutions/

E-ZBar - Booth C4057

The latest addition to the E-ZBAR line of products is the Universal Anchor Bolt Template.  Contractors can use our coil rod, rebar clips and retainers to support their anchor bolts from a concrete form.  Our system works with anchor bolts from 1/2” to 1-1/8” in diameter and eliminates the possibility of shifting during the concrete pour.  The E-ZBAR system allows you to support your anchor bolts from above or below the surface of the concrete, no need to work around traditional templates and nuts and washers are not needed.  Order your supports preassembled or purchase the components individually.

See all of our innovative new products at booth C4057 in the Central Hall or visit our website at e-zbar.com


SkatePlate H2O - Booth C3509

SkatePlate H2O is a portable water saw system kit for circular saws and designed to fit SkatePlate. It changes work habits of professionals and DIY enthusiasts that cut cement, concrete blocks, granite, masonry and tile. The traditional 2-person job becomes a 1-person operation, saving time and money.

The H2O kit has an 80-psi medium pressure supply hose that connects to a common garden hose. The adjustable articulating ball joint spray hose has a fan-jet spray tip with a 0.2-gpm flow and a 15-degree spray. Directing the spray at the point of the cut significantly reduces dust, cools the blade and increases blade life. It results in cleaner, straighter control joints. An outdoor-rated GFCI is included. It retails for only $89.95.


Denali Window Well - Booth N2549

Our new Denali Window Well is made of incredibly strong and durable composite fiberglass material. Its primary benefits are: 1) Impact resistant – stands up to rough job sites, 2) Won’t rust, and 3) Lightweight – for easy installation and transportation.  We offer an industry leading 10 yr. warranty.  It is designed to save builders and contractors time and money.”


Ligchine SpiderScreed: A Lightweight, Ultra-maneuverable Drive-In Screed - Booth O32126 / S11447

The SpiderScreed™ addresses the issues of drive-in screeds such as weight, power, navigation, and leveling capabilities. The SpiderScreed is ideal for concrete placements on upper decks, residential applications, slab-on-grade and 3D surfaces.

A tubular aluminum main and screed head frame makes the SpiderScreed™ the lightest drive-in screed featuring an auger screed head or a smooth roller for multi-directional use.

High speed electric actuators drive Ligchine’s patented machine leveling system that produces superior FF/FL numbers.

Independent hydraulic front wheel drive system. Wheels are linked together in unison achieving zero turn, parallel, and lateral steering and drive motions.


Quick Headers - Booth C3505

Quick Headers are a temporary, removable beam support used when setting concrete masonry blocks or bricks over structural openings. Spanning any length in varying sizes, with the ability to tower 39' high, they are much simpler to use than traditional wood-frame or other support methods. Professionally engineered and structurally sound, they are designed specifically for the masonry industry. Quick Headers are quick and easy to install and remove (under a minute) by the mason. No more costly wood framing or work stoppages. Just install, level and continue setting blocks. Once cured and removed, Quick Headers leave clean, true openings for down line trades. A green, environmentally sensitive building method. Never build a wood buck again. 


A97 - Booth S11115

The A97 is part of National Flooring Equipment's Apex Series of shot blasters. This 10.5-inch shot blasters strips, cleans, and profiles in a single, time-saving step. Using the highest quality materials and components, this precisely engineered machine was designed with operator comfort and high production rates in mind. The A97 is great for medium to large applications.


Fast Form Bracket Forming System - Booth N2013

The Fast Form bracket system is a unique forming system that replace lumber forms.

Brackets start at 6"" and go up to 6'.

Ideal for casting slabs, bases, walls and much more, ideal for sheet pile capping beams.

Safety handrails can be fitted.

Made from Galvanized steel they don't rust and will last 25 years.

Fast and easy to use, save time and money on labor and materials whilst also reducing your Carbon Footprint.



TMX 1000 - Booth S13045

Forced Action Pan Mixer TMX 1000 . Mobile mixer - Ideal for ready-­mixed materials.
3-arm mixing tool
Easy to fill
Dust extrac­tion
Com­pact and rug­ged design
Mobile and maneu­ver­a­ble
Easy to empty
Easy to clean
Crane lif­ting eyes
TMX 1000 TZ espe­cially sui­ta­ble for ter­razzo
Mixing Quantity: 21 gallons/80 litres
When it comes to preparing ready-mixed goods supplied in bags, the TMX 1000 forced action pan mixer is the number one choice and a trusty companion! The powerful Collomix mixer is far more effective than the gravity mixer at mixing screed or cement, saving time and money and doing a thorough job.


Pump Boss II- Booth N2366

Cattron is a leading provider of high-performance wireless connectivity and control solutions for mission-critical applications all over the world.The company’s systems are trusted in environments where systems absolutely cannot fail. Where every second counts. Where lives and reputations are on the line, each and every day.
For more than 70 years, Cattron has delivered hardware-to-machine controls via wireless connectivity that protect people and resources, maximize productivity, and accelerate ROI for companies in more than 50 countries across the globe. Cattron’s robust remote-control solutions include both standard configurations and engineered-to-order systems tailored to meet customer-specific applications across a variety of markets.


TIGER Model S Concrete Products Machine- Booth N1763

The TIGER Model S is designed to manufacture high quality concrete masonry units through industry-wide available mold vibration; and at a high rate of speed. These machines are one of the fastest cycling, hydraulic block and paver manufacturing machines in the world. The S Series machines are fully interchangeable with block machines from other manufacturers. These machines are highly flexible, economical, and can be modified to fit existing machine foundations, production pallets, return conveyors, frontal product delivery conveyors, and most molds. One of the highlights of this machine is its' capability of producing a large range of products (from 2-3/8" up to 8-15/32"). 


Iron Age Footwear - Reinforcer - Booth N522

If you’re a steel worker, brick layer, concrete finisher or stone fitter — this boot is it. With a durable polyurethane outsole and welted construction, the Reinforcer will walk a country mile. The leather upper stands tough against its adversaries — mortar, fly ash, and sludge. The easy-scrape wedge outsole won’t track muck all over the job site or your truck at the end of the day. Its tread prevents slips, falls, and fail videos your buddy posts to the internet. The steel toe keeps your piggies safe and in style. And let’s talk comfort — the Reinforcer provides it in spades with the BootBed™ removable insole. It’s like break-time for your feet — all the time.


Volatile Free, Inc. VFI 6171 - Booth S12654

Volatile Free, Inc. formulated the industries first polyurethane hard coat cartridge system with fire retardant qualities. Our hard coat was designed for long-lasting protection of foam sculptures, parts, and components and protects against external impacts and environmental elements. The 6170 is available for plural component spray systems and the 6171 is available in the convenient Qwik Spray System® with hassle-free cartridge sets.

Volatile Free, Inc, is a family owned and operated chemical manufacturer doing business in the Midwest since 1995. Better known as VFI throughout the industry, we custom formulate high performance polymers for some of the most innovative companies in America.

www.VolatileFree.com 800-307-9218

SuperThread - Booth N2522

RJD Industries’ snap tie replacement SuperThread is the NEWEST and SMALLEST diameter, threaded fiberglass concrete wall form tie, bringing simplicity to traditional forming. Facilitating a HEX nut, SuperThread hardware installation is a breeze—simply use a drill motor and socket. With higher strength than standard snap ties, SuperThread was designed as a replacement for outdated, rusty metal snap tie systems. RJD now has a wall form tie for virtually EVERY application: SuperThread for use in all general concrete wall construction applications, SuperTie 6k smooth for superior architectural concrete finishes, and heavy duty Fiberglass Coil Rod for commercial and industrial projects with most gang form systems.


Neo Intelligence - Booth N1871

Neo-Intelligence is the #1 Concrete Operations software platform specifically designed for medium to large size contractors within the Concreting industry that have outgrown the use of spreadsheets and whiteboards to manage their Timecards, Resource Scheduling, Daily Progress and QA Reports.
Plan, Schedule, Communicate and Track, all in one place.
See what our customers are able to achieve with Neo:
- Resource Scheduling: Allocate Staff + Equipment in 15 minutes!
- GPS Timecards: No more time theft!
- Automated Payroll Calculation: Save the hassle!
- Site Diary: Never pay for someone else’s mistakes!
- Forms & Checklists with Photos: Track Quality & Productivity!
- Live Dashboards & Reports: Track Project Costs – LIVE!


MudMixer - Booth C3232


This is the only mixing machine that can be utilized for any bagged concrete, mortar, stucco or spec mix with an adjustable water input designed to mix it the way you want it every time. The MudMixer takes the place of the cumbersome barrel mixer AND the wheelbarrow.

The all-new MudMixer is THE game-changing machine in the world of bagged concrete!

Simply plug into the power source, attach the water hose, roll the unit to your desired delivery points, drop the unopened bag into the hopper, adjust the water dial, and the mixture will continuously tumble out into your forms as you feed the machine. 


Crete Quote - Booth O40821

Are You Still Making Your Customers Meet You FACE-TO-FACE for an ESTIMATE?

Our society wants to BUY-NOW-ONLINE...

Give Your Customers What they Want...INSTANT RESULTS.

If you've ever

• Reached the end of a long workday and realized you still have another 4 hours of meetings and estimates to do…

• Reached the end of the year and wondered where all your profit went…

• Been so stressed out that you considered shutting the doors and working for a local competitor…

Then, Let Me Show You How You Can Sell More Jobs for Unbelievable Profits with Less Effort and in Less Time and Take Back Your Life!

Countdown to Launch is underway...

See You in Vegas!


SkyTy - Booth N3200

SkyTy is SkyMul's autonomous rebar tying solution for horizontal area.

SkyTy is a swarm of drones that can takeoff, land and tie. SkyMul leverages machine learning and computer vision onboard the drones to autonomously map the work area, locate rebar intersections and tie them.

Depending on the work area and time constraints of the project, the number of drones can be added or removed from the swarm, making SkyTy flexible, scalable and faster.

SkyTy enables your rodbuster crew to focus on more challenging tasks rather than rote rebar tying, reducing occupational health and fall hazards.


Poly 7 cu ft Wheelbarrow- Booth N3217

Poly 7 cu ft Wheelbarrow with Beagle Tools' flat rib flat free tire. The wheelbarrow is indestructible and carries a 5 year GUARANTEE. With steel handles, patented roll bumpers, and heavier axles, these are balanced to provide the lightest fully loaded wheelbarrows on the market. Stop by the booth to confirm our claims. Other features include superior roller bearings, tip resistant flat free tires and the ability to convert all models to dual wheel models with a second tire purchase and our free dualie axle. 


NIABLOCKS™ - Booth N971

NIABLOCKS™ is a patented interlocking construction system that is revolutionizing the building industry. They can be described as self-aligning, dry-stacking, speed-blocks. NIABLOCKS™ are the same size as standard concrete masonry units (CMUs) but instead of conventional mortar construction, building with NIABLOCKS™ is less labor intensive. A relatively unskilled person can build up to ten times faster using NIABLOCKS™, resulting in lower costs and accelerated build times. NIABLOCKS™ also offer greater design flexibility while providing significantly greater structural strength. NIABLOCKS™ are fire, hurricane and earthquake resistant as well as being mold and insect proof, when compared to standard CMU building materials. 


600 BBL Portable Self-Erect Cement Bin - Booth N919

RexCon’s new 600 BBL self-erecting auxiliary cement bin offers crane-less setup in a single load of freight. Storing up to 112 Tons, the integral sub-frame design eliminates the need for installing or removing concrete foundations (assuming proper soil conditions). On-board hydraulic self-erect features coupled with a removable spring suspension offer the ultimate in portability. The unit features a single 40 HP direct drive screw and preplumbed aeration blower for quick delivery of cementitious powders to the plant. When coupled with RexCon’s flagship Mobile 12 SE concrete plant or the Model S concrete paving plant, the unit offers a combination of portability, installation flexibility, and large storage capacity unique to the industry.


XL-R Concrete Block and Paver Machine - Booth N1070

The new premium model of the Masa concrete block making machine type “XL-R” is a fully automatic machine to produce concrete block and pavers with or without face-mix. Unveiled for the first time at the 2019 Bauma, the XL-R includes several technological features that has made producing high quality concrete products with tighter tolerances and higher outputs possible compared to previous versions:

• Servo hydraulics with pressure accumulators
• Mold leveling device via servo hydraulics
• Automatic mold change
• Laser controls for repeatable and consistent filling
• Servo driven pallet feed synchronized with a servo driven
lowering device

To request a quote or more information contact Masa-USA at Sales-USA@Masa-Group.com

SmartFloor™ Refinement System - Booth O40835

The SmartFloor™ Refinement System concept is engineered to provide a high-aesthetic floor that is an easy and economical way to utilize any polishing machines, including power trowels. The SmartFloor™ Refinement System consists of pads that have composite resin abrasive technology embedded in their design. The SmartFloor™ Refinement System The SmartFloor™ Refinement System allows for easy assembly of universal blade holders, that will allow the user of the machine to equip abrasives to virtually any power trowel machine. Additionally, the SmartFloor™ Refinement System can be outfitted to machines with our patented blade system or complement your planetary system with our custom ring designs.


A96 - Booth S11115

The A96 is part of National Flooring Equipment's Apex Series of shot blasters. This 8-inch, self-propelled shot blasters strips, cleans, and profiles in a single, time-saving step. Using the highest quality materials and components, this precisely engineered machine was designed with operator comfort and high production rates in mind. The A96 is great for small to medium sized applications.


Vital Coat Sealers and Coatings - Booth S13055

Paver Protector Pro is a water-based two-part Acrylic – Epoxy system that will provide an exceptional level of protection to Pavers. Its unique formula is enhanced with cross linking technology to achieve maximum boding to most any surface in a short amount of time. It is easy to apply, low in VOC, and low odor. It will enhance the color and look of your pavers with a natural, clear, low gloss coating. Once applied, Paver Protector Pro will inhibit growth of Mold and Mildew and will stabilize the joint sand in between your pavers.

Paver Protector Pro is a professional grade product with recommended applications on concrete and brick pavers. It can be applied over unsealed or previously sealed or painted areas. 


XoR Series Hand-Held Mixers - Booth S13045

Collomix XoR/XoR-duo paddle mixers are the newest generation of mixers. Optimum performance and perfect ergonomics. Easy to operate with a straight back and ergonomically shaped grip handles. State-of-the-art motor and gear unit components for long service and safety while working. For your safety every Xo paddle mixer is equipped with a double action trigger (with safety lock-off to prevent unintentional machine start-up).
This newest generation of hand-held power mixers sets new standards for hand mixing equipment. Machine power and rotating speed are in optimal balance for top-class results.
We also have HEXAFIX®, the innovative and patented quick-action coupling. For mixing paddle change-over in next to no time


TIGER's Wireless Rack Crawler- Booth N1763

Pathfinder Systems has unveiled a rack crawler for its Tiger Machine partner. With a compact design and wireless charging technology, the battery-operated, low profile equipment eliminates the potential for time consuming tasks associated with festoon power cables, especially tangles or snags. The device uses Wi-Fi communication between crawler, transporter and wireless charging control panels. While docked on the transporter car, the crawler charges wirelessly. The crawler and transfer car use positional sensors to ensure that the equipment is in the proper location to allow for wireless charging. The electrical cabinet inside holds the charger, and has a display for errors and charging status.


Mucktape Extreme 25' Tape Measure- Booth S13913

Mucktape Extreme Tape Measures manufactures tape measures for use in the worse conditions.
Designed with an integral wiper that cleans the tape as it retracts. Keeps mud, dirt and grit out giving you a better performing tape measure.
Mucktape Tape Measures Save Time!
• No more jammed tape measures
• No more cleaning blade by hand
• No more user frustration


Maturix™ Concrete Monitoring - Booth S12145

Maturix Sensors wirelessly transmit real-time data on temperature and strength development to your device. It records, monitors and alerts users on the actual status of the concrete which reduces risk, increases efficiency, and saves time and money.

Maturix Sensors are reusable and offer unlimited use for a low fixed cost. Sacrificial thermocouple wires are placed in the concrete and temperature is transmitted wirelessly to the Maturix Monitoring & Reporting Service. The service is accessible on any internet-connected device and shows real-time temperatures and calculated strengths of the actual, in-place concrete.


Swizznet Hosted Accounting Solutions - Booth N2472

Premier hosting provider for QuickBooks and Sage accounting applications.

Swizznet, an Intuit-Authorized Commercial Hosting provider and Sage Authorized Partner, offers hosting solutions to help businesses connect and collaborate from any computer or mobile device with internet. We use the latest Citrix cloud computing technology to provide the fastest, most reliable cloud access.

Businesses choose Swizznet’s cloud-hosted solutions because they allow them to focus on growing their business and not on becoming an IT expert. Our US-based technical support and engineering teams assist with implementation and are on call 24/7/365. Customers cite the anywhere/anytime access that hosted solutions provide as a key benefit.


Traction Magic - Booth N2053A

At Gaia, every product we create is absolutely safe. Safe for what you care about and safe for our planet. No exceptions. We are the proud innovator, patent holder, and manufacturer of the revolutionary ice melt Safe Paw®. But ice control is just the beginning. Sustainable products are the future of our planet and we are working each day to make that a reality.

Traction Magic was developed in 1998 out of necessity because nothing in the market met our standard of safety.

Stay safe on slippery surfaces with a product that’s 100% natural and safe for pets, people, and your property. Use Traction Magic on sidewalks, steps, or as instant traction for your car.

All Products made and assembled in the USA.


Cut-Pro Glove Series 382 - Body Guard by Mechanix Wear - Booth O31371

For the 382 series, safety starts with a premium DuraHide™ leather shell and continues with a high-tenacity, cut-resistant fiber lining. Offering 360° of A8 cut protection, these gloves use a two-piece palm construction that enhances the leather’s performance and provides extreme abrasion resistance.

Features include:
• Comfortable elastic cuff
• 360° A8 cut protection
• ANSI Level 1 impact protection
• 100% DuraHide™ leather shell
• Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) finger guards
• TPR knuckle and metacarpal impact protection

Designed to reposition vulnerable seams, these gloves offer excellent durability. To see more of the gloves in this series, visit the Fastenal booth!


Raken Production Tracking - Booth N1571

Raken Production Tracking was designed to help contractors record timely, accurate production data straight from the field. Using the Raken app, field crews can log time, materials installed, and heavy equipment that’s on site each day.

Having access to this information in real-time arms managers with the data they need to keep their jobs on-schedule and on-budget. 


Adjustable Kicker LLC - Booth C7087

The Adjustable Kicker is the only steel brace that attaches to wood or steel forms and can be used
on dirt, wood, or concrete surfaces. It eliminates the inefficiency of wood bracing resulting in higher
profits. The quick adjustability allows for a faster, straighter wall line with zero waste, increasing
production between 30%-60%. With three standard and custom sizes available, it can withstand up
to a 2 ft. pour. When the job is completed, it detaches and folds down for the next application.


Savage Cement Roll Out Concrete - Booth N3248

Savage Cement manufactures Roll Out Concrete. It comes in a variety of roll widths and lengths to meet your project needs. With a compression strength of over 11600 PSI & a bending strength over 2300, PSI Savage Cement can be driven on and withstand up to 25 metric ton wheeled vehicles. Savage Cement is waterproof, fire retardant, hail proof, chemical & hydrocarbon resistant erosion control, ditch lining, roofing, containments (water, fuels, & wastes) flooring, driveways, patios, sidewalks, safety berms, dike & berm reinforcement, Rails to Trails programs, water conservation, shop floors Ag sheds, & greenhouse flooring. Savage Cement installs faster than typical formed and poured concrete; it uses less labor and time, thus saving you money.


SharpGradeX - Booth C7359

The SharpGradeX is the world's first fully automated laser grading attachment for excavators.
It is driven directly by the machine control system and does not require conventional excavator control using multiple slope sensors. This drastically increases speed and accuracy

The operator positions the SharpGradeX and draws the stick towards the cab. The SharpGradeX does the rest. Elevation and cross fall are automatically controlled in 2D or 3D, typically to within +/-6mm (1/4")
The SharpGradeX can be controlled directly by Total station without the need to re-orient the Total Station every time the base machine moves.
Available to suit base machines from 3 - 14 ton (6 -30,000LB), the SharpGradeX is revolutionizing precision grading.


High Density Overlay Plywood - Booth C3241

Proscaff HDO is a high-density overlaid plywood panel with excellent surface durability for gloss concrete finishes. It produces a smooth finish with minimal grain transfer and a high number of uses.
Panel Construction/Moisture Resistance:
Proscaff HDO is made of high-density overlay Birch on dense wood faced plywood with Birch inner ply sheets. It is produced with a one-step layup, and has a waterproof glue bond. Certification per APA PS 1-09 in process.


B Series Skid Steers and CTLs - Booth C6361

CASE Construction Equipment has launched its next generation of CTLs and skid steers with the introduction of the B Series — five CTLs and eight skid steers spanning radial and vertical lift patterns, as well as numerous horsepower and size classes to provide contractors with the equipment choices best suited to their operation.

CASE B Series loaders feature industry-leading 360-degree visibility, a completely redesigned operator interface with eight-inch LCD multi-function display with split-screen backup camera, updated controls, simple start-up and operation, powerful breakout forces and high-flow or enhanced high-flow auxiliary hydraulics for optimal productivity. 


Silver(DT) Barcode Tag - Booth N2915

Tri-State Media releases the first ever direct thermal bar code tag/label stock for rebar and steel tracking. Eliminate ribbon costs using your current printers. Stock or custom sizes.

2 year outdoor shelf life

- No ribbon needed
- Chemical / Oil resistant
- UV resistant
- Moisture resistant
- Print on your current printers

Tri-State Media is a full service tag & label manufacturer based in Wilmington, OH. Veteran Made Veteran Owned.

(513) 933-0101