NEW PERI DUO Lightweight Formwork System for Walls, Slabs and Columns - Booth O30944

DUO is PERI’s brand new engineered-plastic panel formwork system. With only 4 lbs per sq. ft. and standard panel sizes of about 3 x 4½ ft., DUO is a true handset system, specifically designed to be handled without the need for a crane. DUO achieves its strength through fiber reinforcements, thus allowing high concrete pressures while maintaining the lightweight attributes of polymer. Another truly unique feature of DUO is its ability to use the same panels for walls, columns and slabs – with only a few extra parts required for the conversion. 

GPS Insight Hours of Service ELD Solution - Booth C3402

The GPS Insight Hours of Service Solution ensures FMCSA compliance and delivers superior safety and productivity for your fleet. The ELD solution bundles an Android tablet hardwired to a GPS tracking device. The tablet features an intuitive interface to ensure ease of use for all drivers. The management portal is web-based and accessible via PC, tablet, and smartphone. The ELD solution includes messaging, routing, and award-winning GPS tracking data. GPS Insight understands that this mandate is a paradigm shift and is offering customers hands-on training, augmented by on-demand videos to make the transition from paper logs to e-logs as seamless as possible.

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Euclid Chemical: EucoRepair V100 - Booths S10338 & O40853

EucoRepair V100 is a single-component, fast setting, low shrinkage structural concrete repair mortar for vertical and overhead repairs that require high performance. EucoRepair V100 has excellent freeze-thaw resistance so durability is ensured even in the most challenging climates, and is enhanced with polymer and microfiber for excellent adhesion and resistance to cracking. Formulated with an integral corrosion inhibitor and low permeability materials, EucoRepair V100 helps protect embedded rebar from corrosion.

Euclid Chemical: EucoRepair SCC FS - Booths S10338 & O40853

EucoRepair SCC FS is a fast-setting, one component, self-consolidating concrete repair mortar that is shrinkage-compensated, polymer and microfiber modified, and contains an integral corrosion inhibitor. It is designed for horizontal and formed vertical/overhead structural repairs in applications from 1 inch (2.5 cm) to full depth where fast stripping of forms and return to service is required.

A.R.E. Blue Classic- The Revolutionized Diamond Tool Booth S13929

We are proud to launch our award winning diamond tools in
the World of Concrete show in 2018. Our Patented Dia-Grit, Vacuum Brazed, Revolutionized line of diamond tools are the ultimate tools for the construction industry. They can used for cutting, grinding, shaping, trimming, and carving. It can be used either wet or dry on any type of stone, concrete, bricks, stuccos, tiles, glass and even fiberglass.
This uniquely designed new line of diamond tools offers a long life span, is lighter in weight, and are very safe to use.
We would like to invite you to our booth and see the tool
demonstration. (some restrictions apply)

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Plexxis Software Inc. - Booth C3424

WHY do most Field Apps Fail?

Most apps are made BY people in chairs, FOR people managing drawings, reports, documents, time cards, extra work orders, materials, tools and equipment WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY avoiding falls, explosions, electrocution, falling debris, dehydration, exhaustion and being hit cars or crushed by materials.

Plexxis provides FIELD FIRST Specialty Contractor Technology that unites your entire team. 

Our elite customers double revenue in 18-24 months with no additional admin staff, achieve perfect change order management, instant cost projections and LIVE WIP, exceptional drawing, document, material, time and field data management while attracting the industry’s best PMs and Foremen.

BASF Extended Joint Spacing - Booth S10304

BASF has combined years of crack-reducing innovations with advanced mix optimization techniques to provide new extended joint spacing opportunities. These technologies help solve engineering challenges in concrete construction and open exciting possibilities for concrete design not previously attainable.

For more than 30 years, BASF’s comprehensive fiber portfolio has been used to control concrete cracking. Subsequent developments in shrinkage-reducing admixture technology have helped to reduce concrete drying shrinkage cracking. Now, BASF has significantly expanded the potential performance space with innovations in fiber technology, and a one-of-a-kind, higher level crack-reducing admixture that is emerging as the next generation shrinkage-reducing admixture.

Clean Line Reveal Extruded PVC Rustication Strips - Booth S11326 & S11419

Get incredible tilt wall panel detail with limited patching requirements at a low applied cost. 7 profiles available.

• Lightweight & durable 
• Fast and easy installation with spray adhesive or double side tape
• Clean release eliminates costly rental equipment, labor and patch work for repairs
• Smooth and uniform finish
• Eliminates retardation from wood sugars which can leach from the wood and cause retardation and discoloration 
• Reduced labor costs with clean
release from wall, elimination of priming and sanding, and minimized wall and slab repairs
• Easy fabrication in the field with any
circular/miter saw 
• Easy removal with any standard floor scrapers

Dia Plus - Booth S13926

GRINDING CONCRETE? A typical surface preparation consists of tedious steps, extensive labor and high material costs. Introducing Diaplus Korea’s 5 Step System! This 5 Step System is proven to perform on the HARDEST of concretes; completely ELIMINATING PCD’S, 16 Metals, 30 Metals and Transitionals, altogether! The 5 Step System is a 2 part grinding followed by a 3 part polishing system to achieve a natural polish. Our system is proven to work on Concrete, Epoxies, Thin Set, Paint, Glue and more! Save time AND money with our all-in-one tool.

Visit or call 908-433-7240 to learn more! 

KEEN Utility - Booth N2069

Designed for a lighter fit and built to compete in the toughest work environments, the KEEN Utility men’s six-inch Concord boot features our KEEN.Tuff-Tex high abrasion-resistant material – nearly four times better than the industry standard – it is strategically placed in high-wear areas. The EH rated, MARK II and SATRA tested slip-resistant rubber outsole provides safe and sure footing with every step. Left and right asymmetrical steel toes offer a more generous fit and roomier toe box for increased comfort. This work boot is part of our American Built series out of our Portland, Oregon factory using responsibly sourced materials from around the world.

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BVA Hydraulics - Booth N2047

BVA’s PU55 provides fast cylinder extension with performance of 446.5 cu in/min to 700psi; 75.7 cu in/min to 5,000 psi; and 60.2 cu in/min up to 10,000 psi; All done in a portable compact package that weighs just 63.1 lbs. with 2.5 gallons of oil. The pump is available in a myriad of configurations: 4W/3P or 3W/3P Manual or Solenoid Valve Operation; 1 or 4 Torque Wrenches Setup; or a Pressure Compensating Valve. With a heavy duty universal motor, it operates well in all power conditions from small generators to long extension cords without any loss in performance.

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Milspec Industries- Booth C6280

GFCI Protected Adapters and Cords

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Roadware- Booth S12439

Complete concrete wall crack repairs in just one day!

The Gebbie Tech system is a proven vertical concrete wall crack repair method using Roadware 10-Minute Concrete Mender™. The Gebbie Tech System achieves: - Fast Cure Times - Easy Application - High Strength Results - Complete Penetration - Overall Cost Savings - Labour Savings - Less downtime for other contractors Conventional repair methods with epoxy have longer repair times, additional downtime and are more expensive. The Gebbie Tech System uses the cost effective Roadware 10-Minute Concrete Mender™ hand gun to repair walls. The Gebbie Tech System using Roadware 10-Minute Concrete Mender™ transforms Vertical Concrete Wall Crack Repairs. GFCI Protected Adapters and Cords

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Oneida Air Systems LP-250 Industrial HEPA Dust Extractor - Booth S13829

Item #:XXP250000

Oneida Air Systems' new LP-250 Dust Extractor features a unique triple pre-separation system and Full-Unit HEPA certification that satisfies OSHA's new silica safety standards. Its high efficiency vacuum motor provides up to 250 CFM with suction pressure powerful enough for up to 100' of 2" hose. It uses economical, Cleanstream® HEPA filters that are easily maintained using the vacuum's internal pulse filter cleaner. The LP-250 includes a heavy-duty mobility cart with large rubber wheels, high capacity drop-down dust bin, liner bag holder, and fill viewing window for quick and easy waste disposal.

Cool-Cure- Booth N569

CoolCure is a new, low cost admixture that converts all concrete from Type I and Type II into a Type IV, a Low Heat concrete.  It accomplishes this by focusing on the Phase II reaction mode.  This is evidenced by the much higher strength – from the higher conversion to CSH, and much lower exotherm – from the significantly reduced calcium hydroxide formation and much lower pH.  This higher conversion enables the best utilization of Portland cement in concrete and is viewed by many to be a major step forward in technology.

FlowZone Sprayers - Booth S14027

The answer to OSHA’s Table 1 silica rule is here! The Silica Slayer™ by FlowZone® allows contractors to easily and affordably comply with OSHA's new Table 1 silica rule by providing a rugged backpack reservoir with a lithium-ion powered pump to deliver water to wet saws and core drills to knock down silica dust and effectively protect workers' lungs. In addition to being a water source for silica disruption, the Silica Slayer™ can seamlessly transform into a sprayer for applying chemicals used on the same job site like  curing compounds, form release, sealants, coloring compounds, and so much more!


Manitou- MRT 3050 Rotating Telehandler – Booth C5845

The Manitou MRT 3050 rotating telehandler provides unbeatable performance and safety on the jobsite.  The machine pushes limits with a maximum load capacity of 11,000 pounds (4,999 kg) and lift height of 97’9” (29.8 m). Furthermore, a 176-horespower Mercedes engine and four-wheel power push through any terrain. The MRT 3050 is equipped with the longest stabilizers on the market, extending 20’5” (6.25m) with pin-mounted strain gauges to determine ground contact and position sensors to adapt the load chart. New features that ease maintenance and reduce cost of ownership include direct access to the main boom components, hydraulic lines, engine and battery.

Poraver North America Inc. – Booth S12919

From the makers of the original Poraver® Expanded Glass, we bring you Poraver® X: the evolution of the classic! Poraver® X is offered in 3 grain sizes ranging from 0.04-0.5mm and comes with several enhanced properties. By optimizing our original product with the use of high-quality raw materials, we were able to: reduce water absorption, brighten the color of the product for color-sensitive applications and increase chemical stability as well as compressive strength! Poraver® X has been mainly designed for ready-mix products, plasters, dry mortars and any applications which require low water or binder absorption.

Redline Systems Inc.– Booth B51611

The Ready Mix Conveyor (RM-2318) is a 23 ft, mine duty, portable belt conveyor system for loading materials such as Ice, steel fibers, pigment powder, and more into ready mix trucks.  The RM-series can load 50 cubic feet per minute (1.5 cubic meters/min).  That is 110 yards per hour!  
The RM-series undercarriage features a newly innovated scissor lift design that can adjust the conveyor’s incline to any discharge height up to 15 feet.  The undercarriage also features; towable frame with axle and hitch, optional Honda GX160 Gas engine Power with patented belt engaging design, and Towing light kit.  Booth # B51611


Somay Q Technologies– Booth S14014

4EVER Kitchen And Concrete Floor Coating!

Incredible Kitchen/Industrial Floor Paint System!

One Coat System based on Nano Technology! Great Adhesion to Concrete!

Great Anti-Slip Properties!

No VOC and No Oder for 4EVER Kitchen Floor!

Tire marks come right off with using 4EVER Concrete Floor!

Concrete Tools Rattle Stick - Booth O40722

The Rattle Stick is the most versatile vibrating attachment in the world. It's snap pole design is genius for a quick click into any tool. 3 power levels available from standard to a slump buster extreme tool. 2 rechargeable batteries allow you to go non stop on pours over 10,000 ft2. Saves time and gives you a better finish.

We support Concrete Cares with our optional vibrant pink tools to help raise funds for individuals affected by cancer.

Pathfinder System's Model S - Booth N2251

The Model S is Tiger’s most advanced, high speed concrete products machine.  It is fully interchangeable with most existing machine foundations, production pallets, return conveyors, frontal product delivery conveyors and most existing molds.  This machine is capable of producing a large range of products.  It’s simple and quick mold change system releases the mold compression head directly.  The speed of the motor revolutions is easily programmable.  It allows for height changes in only an additional 2 minutes. The unique mold vibration system design requires neither a brake or a clutch.


Professional Products Direct - Booth N2853

This is perhaps the most versatile concrete sealer, hardener, retardant, freeze protectant, and cure on the market today and can be used in the most extreme conditions (High Heat 120* or below freezing  -20* F) with fantastic results and WITHOUT A CONCRETE BLANKET

One application of Single Seal & Freeze Protect offers the benefits of having a completely sealed concrete but leave the substrate surface completely receptive to all paints, topical sealers (urethanes, epoxies, acrylics, and glues,) weather breathable or non-breathable.  This offers the added protection preventing the separation milking your chosen topcoat caused by moisture and water molecules released by unsealed concrete.

Element Glo - Booth S13931

We are Element Glo, manufacturers of industrial grade, glow-in-the-dark crystals, tiles, grout, and decorative mosaics. Our products can be installed into any concrete projects you or your team can dream of including concrete walkways, driveways, countertops, swimming pool surfaces, decking, customized business logos, etc.

Element Glo products charge using any light source especially the UV light of the sun or black light exposure. Element Glo products are highly customizable for your specific project(s), powerful enough to glow all night long, and guaranteed to last the duration of the life of the project for which they are installed.  

Ecospan Composite Floor System - Booth B52361

The groundbreaking Ecospan Composite Floor System is an innovative, simple, effective and economical solution that provides excellent value through its high-strength to weight ratio, excellent fire and sound ratings and flexible design capability. Ideally suited for multi-story residential and commercial buildings, this system incorporates the benefits of open web structural components for elevated floor construction.


  • Senior Living and Care Facilities
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Student Housing
  • Military Housing
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Medical Facilities
  • Office Buildings

Economical. Fast. Safe. Strong. Versatile. Quiet. Green. Just a few of the advantages of The Ecospan Composite Floor System.

Kärcher Booth O31652

Kärcher introduces the Tule Series HDS 3.5/40 Ge MT, a new hot water pressure washer trailer that offers outstanding mobility combined with high performance, and easy operation. This mini trailer is ideal for construction sites which have access to a local water source where cleaning is performed. This mini trailer features a reliable Honda GX390 engine with cleaning power of 3.5 gallons per minute at 4,000 PSI. Additional features include 8-gallon diesel fuel tank on board, adjustable thermostat for regulating water temperature, electric start and a lift handle and swing away tongue for easy storage.

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BASF Wabo®SafetyGuard - Booth S10304

Wabo®SafetyGuard is a dual purpose, quiet riding expansion joint and traffic calming system. It combines expansion joint technology and speed deterrence and noise attenuation into one unique product. The system is load rated to resist vehicular traffic loads and impact forces at slow speeds within parking structures and stadium concourses, and its raised cross section provides a visual warning to motorists to reduce speed. Our rubber encapsulated metal plate completely eliminates cover plate noise. Segmental molded panel and construction staging sized panels allow for rapid installation.

Nox-Crete's Pac Form - Booth S11326 & S11419

Nox-Crete's Pac Form is a precision engineered laminated veneer lumber. Preliminary testing shows that Tilt-Up contractors can expect to get up to 20 repours with this material without warping.

• Custom widths up to 48 inches easily support insulated concrete forms
• 16 foot lengths speed alignment with less splicing

• Factory sealed with high solids, baked-on acrylic coating eliminates edge swelling and wood sugar migration

• Requires up to 40% less bracing compared to 3/4 inch plywood

• No need to sort and cull; reduces material costs and jobsite waste
• Lighter than green dimensional lumber and laminated strand lumber

GARDCO® - Booth S13554

Introducing the Paul N. Gardner Company, Inc. (GARDCO®), who has been a distributor, producer and designer of quality physical testing and inspection instruments for the paint, coatings and related industries since 1936.  Visit our Booth #S13554 at the World of Concrete Show to consult with our experienced, technical sales team to determine the best instrument for your specific application. Also see a multitude of instruments on hand such as the Concrete Clarity Meter, Moisture Meters, Gloss Meters, Skid Testers, Rebar Locators, Washability Testers and more.  Visit our website at  that includes full descriptions, instructions, specification references, instructional videos and prices.

L.B.White Co - Booth S12407

L.B. White introduces the most portable 750,000 BTU heater in its class, the Foreman® 750 indirect fired ductable heater, available in LP/NG or OIL version. At just 32 inches wide it will fit easily onto any jobsite, is ultra-quiet, can recirculate heated air and has the option of moving the heated air with two 12” ducts or one 16” duct up to 100 feet.  Featuring urethane wheels that never go flat, a fold down handle for easy moving and weight distribution set over the wheels for effortless maneuvering. Storage is maximized with a frame design that allows for unit stacking and includes forklift pockets plus a lifting bale for use with hoists.

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Accelerated Fastening - Booth S14131

You came to WOC to discover “whats new?”. Accelerated Fastening has answers.  If you drill into concrete ceilings or overhead steel, we make your work easier, faster, and safer.  Our SkyDrill™ drills to a height of 14’-6” while still fitting through a door.  Our Kwikpole Drill Press drills to 10’ from the floor or drills to any height from inside a scissors lift.  Both have industry best silica containment and can accept nearly any brand of drill.  We can help make your work easier, faster safer and help you be more competitive. See us at booth S14131.

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EZ SCREED Tools – Booth S12951

EZ SCREED TOOL is pleased to introduce an additional product to our line of EZ Screed Tools, the new “EZ Screed Walking Float”.  The EZ Screed Walking Float is an adjustable, custom designed, 16” Aluminum Float which attaches to a quality steel, ergonomic 5’ handle. With this upright float system, our tool allows you to float edges faster and easier and allows you to reach areas that would be difficult with the traditional method of bending over to hand float concrete.  Patent Pending

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Prosoco Concrete Protector SB- Booth S11207

A new solvent-based alternative to PROSOCO’s popular Concrete Protector offers more powerful and robust initial water-beading and repellency on all kinds of finished concrete floors. Formulated based on contractors’ feedback, the new Concrete Protector SB offers improved performance in repelling water, oil and stains over competitive products, and it can be burnished.

Surfaces treated with Concrete Protector SB retail their natural appearance, texture and breathability, and are easier to maintain. The low-odor, VOC-compliant product is ideal for areas of high traffic or wheeled traffic where surface film-forming sealers may prematurely wear off.

AccuFooting Concrete Forming System- Booth S13452

The AccuFooting Concrete Forming System is the fastest, simplest and most reliable method to form footing braces on the market, period. Rugged in design and a snap to put in place, you and your crew will save time and money job after job.

Available in a variety of widths, AccuFooting concrete footing brackets are made from tough molded plastic and are simple to use with no special tools required for installation. You can easily screed the open top of our concrete footer forms without any interference from wood or metal cleats, making rebar strip footing faster and more consistent.

Richway Industries, Ltd. - Booth N1937

Richway Industries introduces their MP-BT10G, designed for mixing and pumping grouts, mortars, and gypsum flooring .The digital control reduces the number of operators needed by automating machine functions, and providing batch counting, batch timing, and machine service reminders. The BT-10G can mix up to 11yd³ per hour of material and pumps up to 250 psi with its rotor stator pump. The MP-BT10G is offered with a Kohler gas or CAT diesel engine.

Gehl RS9-50 GEN:3 Telescopic Handler – Booth C5845

The Gehl RS9-50 GEN:3 telescopic handler is a top choice for the masonry industry with:

  • Unrivaled performance at high utilization rates
  • Additional boom section providing extended reach and efficient material placement
  • Clever frame design eliminating the need for front outriggers
  • Single joystick option with boom extension and retraction, attachment tilt, auxiliary hydraulics and travel direction
  • Stability on uneven surfaces with 18” ground clearance and 10° left/right frame leveling

Developed from the proven RS Series, the RS9-50 GEN:3 has impressive capacity without sacrificing comfort or durability. It features a 9,000-pound capacity, 50’ lift height and 36’7” reach. The Tier-IV 120-hp engine and four-speed power-shift transmission give it 360 ft.-lbs. of torque, four-wheel drive, three steering modes and speeds up to 20 mph.

RD Coatings - RD-E-Deck- Booth # S14320

Safe, Simple, Ecological!

Single component Waterborne Acrylic waterproofing product for roofs, balconies and decks.
RD-E-Deck forms an elastic and waterproofing film, available in a variety of colors.
RD-E-Deck is widely used for the renovation of old bituminous roofs, concrete Decks and Balconies. This liquid waterproofing membrane is a cost saving solution when flat roofs and decks needs to be renovated.
Simple and fast to apply, RD-E-Deck provides long term protection for roofs and Decks! 

Arrow Systems– Booth S14115

Arrow Systems, Inc and KERAjet are proud to release a new printing line designed to revolutionize the concrete and cement industries. Using digital printing technology combined with special inorganic pigments, this printer allows users to print long lasting designs on almost any building material.

This technology can be used to print marble patterns, wood-grains, or designs of any type on concrete blocks, fiber cement sheets, MDF, and vinyl siding. This technology is sure to upend the construction materials industry, and result in new architectural endeavors! For more detailed information, contact Arrow Systems, Inc. or stop by Booth: S14115!


Somay Q Technologies– Booth S14014

Power Bousei NKRN-66 Primer: And KNRN-Top Coat

No Kidding, No Sanding! Just Paint it!

A next Generation Anti–Rust Paint!

Completely Stops Rust for Long Time.

Minimal Surface Preparation!

Reduce Application Time and Cost Significantly!

Two Component Primer and Top Coat

Good Weather Proof! Flexible, Prevents Cracking!

Reliable Void Forms - Booth N1449

Reliable Void Forms introduces a new innovative void form for slabs and beams, molded from 100% recycled pulp.  Like carton forms, our void form becomes weaker over time as moisture is naturally absorbed.  However, we slowed that process down to prevent failure during the placement, even when everything is wet.   Simple to install, just drop them side-by-side, break or cut to fit around shapes; no complicated geometries or lay-outs.  Install vapor barrier, hardboard and rebar just like with carton forms. Reliable Void Forms nest in a stack (less space) and don’t need a trailer for storage at the job site.

Quasco Innovative Machinery - Booth C7573

Quasco's innovative machinery represents the evolution of technology in the world of resonant rubblization.  Resonant rubblization drastically reduces road closure time, rehabilitation costs and environmental impact of road rehabilitation.

Once the roadway has been rubblized, it can be rolled with a standard vibratory roller to compact the new interlocking base material. The HMA or a new concrete surface is then applied without requiring a bonding agent. One resonant rubblizing machine rehabilitates 1KM of a 2-lane road per day. 

After completion, seams are eliminated thus eliminating reflective cracking in the HMA. Studies have shown the roadway life is extended 20+ years.

Euclid Chemical: Duralkote 61 - Booths S10338 & O40853

Duralkote 61 is a two-component, 100% solids, high-performance epoxy coating system designed for use on concrete floors and walls. Duralkote 61 complies with the requirements of NSF/ANSI 61 for contact with potable water and provides exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance, and has excellent adhesion to properly prepared concrete. Duralkote 61 produces a glossy, tile-like, easily maintained surface.  

Simpson Strong-Tie®: SET-3G™- Booth O30220

The next generation of Simpson Strong-Tie® epoxy adhesive is more reliable and versatile. With a code report pending, the high-strength SET-3G™anchoring adhesive can be installed in extreme concrete temperatures (from 40°F to 100°F) as well as in dry or water-filled holes in concrete to provide the strength and performance needed for adhesive anchor installations on your projects. Rely on SET-3G epoxy for your next project.


Cortek™ System - Booth B52361

The CorTek core construction system is a faster, less expensive, safer, and higher quality alternative to conventional cast-in-place, pre-cast and masonry methods of core construction. The CorTek system removes the service core from the project critical path, provides safer, earlier, and more efficient trade access to floors, and enhances flexibility of construction sequence scheduling. Because the product is manufactured in a quality controlled factory environment, assurance can be made that the final core is constructed as designed and not “as built”.

BASF MasterFiber MAC 360 FF Hybrid Fiber - Booth S10304

MasterFiber® MAC 360 FF is a highly engineered, polypropylene-based synthetic hybrid fiber designed for use as a shrinkage and temperature (secondary) reinforcement providing unparalleled finishing aesthetics. MasterFiber MAC 360 FF hybrid fiber strengthens plastic concrete to minimize shrinkage and settlement cracking, while effectively enhancing the post-crack flexural toughness of hardened concrete. Developed by BASF, MasterFiber MAC 360 FF meets the collective needs of contractors, concrete producers and engineers.  This hybrid fiber saves contractors and producers time and effort by placing mesh in slabs or in precast elements.  Easy-to-work with, the product significantly improves surface finish quality and overall aesthetics. 

JC Inventions - Booth N3252

This one-person system positions and adjusts wooden forms, rebar, and wooden/metal stakes to replace the batter board and frame with a single tool that is used to quickly lay out the mason’s lines for accurate corner panels and level plane.  The system reduces the amount of materials needed for mason’s lines procedure, and the bracket tool reduces the number of people and time required for positioning the forms.  A single person is able to position and adjust the wooden forms, rebar, and wooden/metal stakes. with the potential of reducing costs and time for foundation and slab construction.

Duro-Floor Color System - Booth S11326 & S11419

Add rich color to standard gray concrete with the Duro-Floor Color System, designed specifically for use on diamond ground and polished concrete floors. Using Duro-Color concentrated dyes, the Duro-Floor Color System locks in the deep penetrating colors, hardens and protects floors from UV fading and stains.

  • Designed to be a sustainable flooring system with reduced environmental impact.
  • Achieves vibrant floors with a high gloss finish.
  • Minimizes fading and reduces migration of dye particles.
  • Will not etch concrete floor surfaces.
  • Helps projects qualify for LEED® certification.
  • Produces tough, abrasion resistant floors for improved durability.
  • Low maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Less up-front cost compared to alternative flooring systems, such as tile or carpet.


Hendrickson COMPOSILITE EX – the next generation lighter yet more durable steerable Lift Axle suspension system coming soon. A number of technological advancements enabled Hendrickson to take this concept from theory to the road. Inset lower beams help optimize lateral stiffness eliminating the need for V-rods; zero-torsion rubber bushings provide increased bushing life and lower cost of ownership with less down-time; patented STEERTEK axle technology increases structural durability and bolt-on axle seats make for easier serviceability, while adding to lower ownership cost. In addition, the upper aluminum beams help reduce weight without sacrificing durability. A stellar 7-year structural warranty accompanies the COMPOSILITE EX. Expected launch fourth quarter 2018. Visit Website.

Aztec’s SPRAY GRAND FINALE - Booth O40639

Aztec’s SPRAY GRAND FINALE 2-in-1 chemical applicator features a spray nozzle and flexible hose to access smaller areas; designed to apply floor finish, concrete densifiers, hardeners and sealers quickly and uniformly. The Spray Grand Finale provides an easy, high-speed way to lay down a smooth, uniform coat of chemicals at up to 35,000 sqft/hr. At 8x faster than the traditional mop and bucket method, the Spray Grand Finale eliminates baseboard splash and puddling, all while reducing chemical usage by 30% and eliminating strenuous labor and injury. As part the Aztec WorkSmart Sidewinder Stripping System, all proudly MADE IN THE USA.

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Mono Slab EZ Form- Booth N2755

Mono Slab EZ Form saves time, labor, and money, allowing you to form, insulate, and backfill before the placement of concrete, speeding up the initial construction process.  Mono Slab is the easiest way to form and insulate a monolithic slab. Mono Slab EZ Form eliminates the need for excess bracing (Kickers, stakes, etc.…) Mono Slab is lightweight, yet extremely durable. Mono Slab allows you to backfill before the pour, creating a safer jobsite. 

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Milspec Industries- Booth C6280

Pro Glo® 10/3 SJTW -40°F Coldweather Extension Cords with “CGM”

This heavy duty coldweather PVC cord has the latest safety features that all high profile & hazardous job sites require.  It’s fully safety compliant and its patented “CGM” connector features a continuous green ground check light that lets you know the cord’s electrical current is safely grounded.  In addition, our special “Pro Glo®” high visibility vinyl jacket insures the cord will retain its flexibility in temperatures down to -40°F.

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Prosoco GemTone Stain Onyx- Booth S11207

A new color in PROSOCO’s Consolideck line of GemTone Stains provides a blacker black than ever before. The new Onyx GemTone Stain further rounds out the varied palette of penetrating stains available, enabling contractors to create colored patterns and designs of all kinds, from logos and artwork to uniform concrete floor color work.

Prosoco CavityComplete Wall System - Booth S11207

PROSOCO is proud to be the provider of air and moisture barrier products in the CavityComplete® Wall System. CavityComplete Wall System components have been tested and proven to work together to help manage air, vapor and water movement. It’s supported by one of the broadest unified systems warranties available to reduce liability and allow architects to design and specify with complete confidence. When combined, the components produce wall systems that provide thermal efficiency, continuous insulation, fire resistance, air and water management, vapor resistance and veneer anchoring.

Tough Hitch Tools- Booth N3253

The patented TH-1 Manual Rebar Bender uses a 2” hitch receiver as a solid, stable work platform.  Its compact design and solid cast ductile iron construction of the bending vise and two supplied bending pipes offer durability plus minimal storage space.  With quick and easy setup, the three bending vises offer a variety of bending applications for different sizes, shapes and lengths of rebar for construction jobs.  The #3 rebar vise can bend 4.5” wide stirrups for 8” wide beams and columns – a distinguishing feature in the market.  It requires less than 50 lbs. of physical strength to bend #5 grade 60 rebar. Booth N156

The Ready Set Pour app is a world class concrete project tool which connects contractors with ready mixed concrete suppliers for multiple quotes, confirmation, and coordination of concrete projects all with instant notifications.  Ready Set Pour allows for real-time management of project details between concrete contractors, suppliers, and consultants keeping all parties of a project informed at each stage of the pour.

The evolution in ready mixed concrete has arrived!

Better Service  -  Increased Productivity  -  Seamless Communication

Visit to learn more or get started!


AWAYWASH is the first on-board polyethylene system for ready-mix concrete truck chute washout.

This patented design allows to wash the chute in compliance with environmental requirements while avoiding risks of contamination and penalties/fines.

The product is light, sturdy and easy to maintain as concrete does not adhere to it.

The unique design collects the washout waste and separates the coarse material in a robust sieve designed for easy emptying. At the batching plant, the containment tank is simply emptied through gravity by lowering the hose towards the settlement pits. There are no mechanical parts that could jam or require costly maintenance.

AWAYWASH allows to return the washout water to the batching plant that can easily handle it.

Minnich Mfg – Booth C5382

The new Stinger electric flex shaft concrete vibrator from Minnich Manufacturing is lightweight, durable and versatile. The Stinger is a 15 amp (115-volt) universal motor that drives a full line of Minnich shafts and heads and comes standard with a quick disconnect that adapts to the vibrators of many manufacturers. The Stinger offers a more compatible speed range for today’s placement challenges. The Minnich vibrator system design runs at a lower amp range and the durable frame extends vibrator life. The lightweight motor and frame-handle positions offer many ergonomic user features. The product is offered in 230 volts.


Perkins® SmartCap– Booth C5979

Perkins® SmartCap is a unique, low cost way of connecting with your engine. As the only engine level connectivity device that works on both mechanical and electrical engines, it puts useful information at your fingertips via the Perkins® My Engine App.

The cap is easy to fit, reminds you when services are due, and enables you to monitor data such as hours run, machine location and start/stop times.

Visit us at Booth C5979 to learn more about the Perkins SmartCap, the only oil filler cap that tells you when to change your oil.

roll-n-vac – Booth B51503

Roll-n-Vac is a American made industrial extractor with a revolutionary design. Simply place a Roll-N-Vac on a standard construction wheel barrow and you have one of the most powerful wet-dry extractors in its class.  Collect large amounts of material quickly and easily navigate rough ground to your disposal site.  From wet to dry pick up, Roll-N-Vac is a powerful professional tool that competes with other professional extractors at a fraction of their cost. It also has capabilities that other extractors do not and this makes the Roll-N-Vac a very useful tool to many professionals in a wide range of industries. Stop by and see an in booth demonstration of this patent pending new concept, it truly changes the game.

SDS/2 Concrete - Booth C3810

SDS/2 Concrete enables multiple users to virtually build concrete structures simultaneously. The software’s specialized tools allow for automated placement of reinforcing steel in the concrete. Automatically generate detailed bending and placing schedules, as well as placement drawings, from 3D model information, saving time over traditional 2D workflows and putting you at the forefront of the BIM market.

SDS/2 Concrete also provides automatic connection design to concrete embeds with full design calculations. All the features of SDS/2 Concrete work seamlessly with any of the SDS/2 software solutions, allowing easy and smooth communication through the life of the project.

SharpGrade Box Blade by Progressive Equipment - Booth C7479

Our new, patented SharpGrade Leveller has the rigid, robust QuadRod system, 20 degrees total tilt, fully sealed, grease-free & has only 4 moving parts, offering speed & accuracy. 

World first retracting wheels offer compact transport, use it like a bulldozer close to edges & walls then extend wheels for a perfect laser finish. Twin pivoting blades operate in both directions. 

SharpGrade comes standard with twin mirrors, adjustable hitch, full manual control, curved mould board, valve stem guards & graduated laser poles. Sizes are 5’, 6’, 7’ & 8’ to suit 30 – 120HP. Options are 3D & Trisonic

Euclid Chemical: Versaspeed 100 - Booths S10338 & O40853

Versaspeed 100 is a single-component, rapid-hardening, low shrinkage, microfiber reinforced horizontal concrete repair mortar for projects that must be traffic or coating ready within hours. Versaspeed 100 is suitable for interior or exterior applications at thicknesses ranging from ¼ inch (0.6 cm) to 6 inches (15 cm). Easy to place and finish, Versaspeed 100 is fortified with shrinkage compensating and reducing additives to help prevent cracking.

Simpson Strong-Tie®: FRCM - Booth O30220

Repair and strengthen all in one shot.

Repair, protect and strengthen aging, damaged or overloaded concrete and masonry structures in one application and significantly reduce your installed cost. The new FRCM Externally Bonded Composite Strengthening System combines high-performance sprayable mortar with carbon fiber mesh to create thin-walled, reinforced concrete shells without adding significant weight or mass to the structure.

To learn more visit or call (800) 999-5099.

Sigma’s 400 and 1000 Series Fiberglass Form Ties - Booth N2923

Sigma’s 400 and 1000 Series Fiberglass Form Ties are made from a robust combination of our proprietary resin and glass. We grind our custom thread into the bar to create the strongest fiberglass thread on the market. Contractors are able to simply thread on our steel nut instead of using the traditional complicated and cumbersome wedge grip system. Having a fully threaded coil rod makes Sigma 400 and 1000 Series Form Ties easier to use than its steel or fiberglass competitors. There is zero potential of slippage once load is applied eliminating the worrisome issue that plagues other systems.

BASF MasterFlow 648 Epoxy Grout - Booth S10304

MasterFlow 648 epoxy grout ensures proper alignment and transmission of static and dynamic loads, vibration and rotational torque. It protects critical equipment, improving reliability, operating efficiency and life cycle of machinery.

BASF has carefully balanced the important physical properties and application behavior of MasterFlow 648 to ensure uncompromised, durable support. And while the grout supports the equipment, the knowledgeable BASF Technical Teams on all continents support the engineers, equipment manufacturers, contractors and owners who specify and install MasterFlow 648 to ensure quality, hassle-free project execution. 

DKOI Mobile Digital Sign - Booth C7273

Our NEW innovative mobile digital sign has many great uses.  Advertise for help wanted, direct traffic flow at a jobsite, advertise at trade shows, or play promotional ads to attract new customers.  It also makes a great rental item -- new businesses, open houses, sales, promotions, special events, or conventions.  The high-resolution double-sided digital sign is sure to attract attention.  It’s easy to tow around when lowered.  The easy-to-use software lets you quickly show videos, pictures, or text.  The optional on-board generator and large fuel tank lets you bring your message anywhere.

Blast-Off - Booth S11326 & S11419

Ready to use Blast-Off safely and effectively removes concrete splatter and buildup from all types of concrete handling and finishing equipment. Formulated with an organic acid derived from sugar cane and beets, Blast-Off deeply penetrates and softens hardened concrete buildup and splatter.

Blast-Off eliminates the costly damage caused by mineral acid washing, sandblasting or chip-and-hammer removal techniques. Non-corrosive to exposed steel, chrome, aluminum, rubber, glass, plastic, painted metal or electrical components—Blast-Off is ideal for use on ready-mix trucks, drum mixers, batching equipment, forms and accessories, paving machines, concrete pumps, power screeds, power trowels, scaffold jacks, power buggies, scaffolding, hand tools and more.

Specialist Scaffold Products - Booth N1869

Specialist Scaffold Products is a North American leader in the supply and complete product offering of both Temporary Roof and Suspended Access scaffolding. Our products are designed to save you on time, labor and material costs. We are the ONLY company that features these components being interchangeable making this 2-IN-1 system. We are backed by years of industry experience. Our team is highly trained and knowledgeable about all of our products and can provide comprehensive advice and expertise on any project from concept to construction.

Come check us out at booth N1869!

At Specialist Scaffold Products “we have construction covered

MASA - Booth N1545

Splitting is a popular refinement method for dry-cast concrete manufacturers. With a Masa splitting line, it is possible to split CMU’s, SRW’s and Hardscapes that are hardly distinguishable from natural stones. A variety of sizes can be produced depending on the chosen splitting format. The splitting machine can be incorporated “online” in a manufacturing plant or operated “offline” at a separate location depending on a producer’s specific needs.

For more information on Masa’s splitting machines, VISIT WEBSITE HERE

Milspec Industries- Booth C6280

Each of our Pro Lock Extension Cords are molded with our unique Pro Lock female connector.  When a standard 15A-125V, 3 conductor male plug is inserted into our Pro Lock connector, the extension cord won't pull apart.  This prevents accidental disconnects that result in inconvenient loss of power.  To disconnect extension cords, simply pull down on the connector collar.  It's that simple.

Meets OSHA specifications for grounded 3 conductor cordsets.  UL Listed and cUL for Canada.  Custom print available

Visit Profile

Milspec Industries- Booth C6280

Our box is ETL approved for indoor/outdoor use.  All outlets have circuit breaker overload protection and all U-Ground outlets are GFCI protected.  This offers the highest levels of electrical safety.  Multiple 15/20A outlets, and 30A and 50A Twistlocks provide the most popular power outlets that contractors use. Meets latest ETL/UL 1640 requirements

Our 6/3-8/1 Temporary Power Extension Cords are molded with our exclusive “CGM” Continuous Ground Monitoring ends.  These CGM ends have lighted amber power check male plugs with green ground check female connectors.  These cords are used with “spider boxes” or “power sleds” to provide power from temporary power poles.

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Prosoco LS Guard - Booth S11207

Consolideck LSGuard, a popular glossy sealer and protective treatment for concrete floors, has been reformulated to provide a faster finish. The new and improved version of LSGuard now requires protection from water exposure for only 24 hours, instead of 72 hours required by the previous formulation. The new and improved LSGuard also dries within 1 hour. This improvement means floors will be protected, glossy and ready for use three times faster.

Prosoco DriKlean - Booth S11207

A new, non-traditional cleaner from PROSOCO removes stains from a variety of masonry substrates in a rinseless, peelable formula.

Enviro Klean DriKlean is a gentle but powerful rinseless cleaning solution designed for interior spaces where traditional liquid cleaners can’t go. In an easy-to-apply formula via spray, roller or brush, DriKlean safely removes dust, soot, oils and other surface soiling from limestone, sandstone, marble, travertine, plaster, terra cotta, concrete, mortar or brick. The cleaner and soiling easily peels off after drying.

DriKlean is also free of natural rubber latex, eliminating allergy concerns for users.

Redi-Mix Colors- Booth O40331

IT's CONCRETE not Asphalt..... 

Concrete Protection Process (CPP) is a patent pending process to mitigate staining and provide exceptional resistance to abrasion for concrete parking areas, and drive through pads commonly found in quick serve restaurants, banks, gas station/convenience stores along with many other applications.  Our 5 step process with provide visual relief from vehicle fluid stains, beverage stains and much more along with resisting the constant wear from tire traffic.  Equally effective new concrete or an older surface.  The process will be on display at Decorative Concrete Live in the Silver Lot.

BOLT STAR® Square Forms Edition – Booth S13157

Bolt Star LLC will unveil its new solution for square forms at the World of Concrete 2018. The award winning BOLT STAR reusable bolt template now takes the worry out of anchor bolt set up for steel columns and building foundations, making set up fast, efficient, and accurate. The “Square Forms Edition” is offered with 18”, 24” and 30” BOLT STAR and . . . and it’s reusable! No measuring, cutting or drilling holes to build a wood template. Line up bolts on pre-measured markings and bolts come out perfect every time. Made in the USA.


Fogco – Booth S13810

The Fogco FogCannon™ is our latest product offering designed for effective dust control at construction and demolition sites.

The fogcannons use the highest quality components and state of the art engineering to produce a dust suppressing fog plume that carries as far as 500’ capturing the dust and dropping it to the ground.   

This range of fogcannons includes Light Duty (130’ coverage); Heavy Duty (300’ coverage); and Extreme Duty (500’ coverage). 

Fogco also offers a Custom Duty range that allows any fogcannon to be fitted to a trailer along with a water tank and generator for complete autonomous operation.

BLASTRAC– Booth S10314

The Blastrac BMS-280 ride-on scraper is ideally suited for medium and large sized applications. Works well on all applications such as hardwood parquet, ceramics, linoleum, vinyl, carpet, adhesive, tiles, etc.

The BMS-280 is perfect for floor stripping applications. With its heavy duty blade holder and motor, the BMS-280 can tackle the toughest floor coverings. In addition, with its high level of maneuverability and zero turning radius, the BMS-280 can easily operate in tight spaces. Also featured are non-marking tires and complete hydraulic control.

The BMS-280’s functional, ergonomic design makes performing maintenance functions a snap and provides unparalleled operator comfort.


Martin Engineering - Booth N858

Martin® Concrete Form Vibrator (MB36-3000)

Performance AND Price are not a pipe dream anymore. The Martin® Concrete Form Vibrator solves commonly-faced problems in the Precast Industry, improving productivity while providing the latest technology & dependable performance. Optimally Sized |Factory Direct | 3-Year Warranty | New Lower Price

 Features & Benefits:
-Optimally sized to fit in smaller-diameter concrete pipe form cores
-Easy installation in tight spaces
-3-year Performance Guarantee
-Adjustable eccentric weights allow customization
-Adjustable force output
-3000 Force lb. – 3450 RPM
-230 volt/460 volt – 3 Phase 60Hz
-Interchanges with Brecon 18/120
-Quick Delivery from Illinois

Ask about our 6-Pack Special: Buy 5 vibrators, get 1 Free.