Springbolt Concrete Anchor - Booth N2849

The Springbolt Concrete Anchor is a newly patented mechanical anchor to be embedded in wet concrete. With its greater load capacities and elimination of drilling holes, etc., it is an improvement over wedge or epoxy fasteners. The Springbolt has been extensively tested and is compliant per ACI 318-11 Appendix D of the International Building Code. The anchor comes in various sizes, can be used horizontally or vertically, contains a galvanized bolt and may be considered for use in seismic areas. Becaused the Springbolt eliminates the labor cost for drilling, cleaning the hole, additional inspections, and results in the use of fewer anchors, the cost of using a Springbolt is comparable to wedge or epoxy fasteners.


XR35 - Booth N613

NUDURA has revolutionized the ICF industry from its inception; making quality products that feature innovation to make the building process easier and faster for our customers. We believe in continuous R&D that allows us to provide the most innovative line of Insulated Concrete Forms in the market.

The new XR35 has an R-Value of R-35 with all the innovative features as our standard ICF block. The 4” (102mm) thick EPS panels and newly designed fastening strips make this form more energy efficient with the same lightweight technology! The fastening strips are 5/8” (16mm) below the surface and conveniently marked with a diamond pattern making fastening the interior or exterior finishes quick and easy on site.


Ultra-Lath Plus® plastic lath - Booth C3159

FIRE-TESTED Non-rusting
Perfect for rustproofing your stucco and stone veneer system installations – Non-metallic ULTRA-LATH PLUS is the non-rusting alternative to metal laths.
Unaffected by salt, moisture and chemicals, heavy-duty Ultra-Lath Plus is also 1/4" self-furred for improved keying and ASTM compliance.
It’s Fire-Tested, NFPA 285. And meets ASTM C1063, C1764, C1780, C1787, C1788, C1861, and requirements for Non Metallic Plaster Bases as noted in ASTM C926.
• Safer, easier to use than metal
• Compatible with cement-based products
• Available in sheets (with and without paper backing), rolls, strips 


ROXOR by Mahindra - Booth B50504

Mahindra has been building vehicles for over 70 years. A more than $20 billion-dollar company supports the ROXOR Brand.

ROXOR: No other off-road vehicle on the planet has the heritage, durability and reputation. Its predecessor helped win wars, explore continents, and has taken its occupants around the globe.

•Reliable, economical, and long lasting, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine putting out
144 ft lbs of torque
•4WD to help get you where you need to go.
•Sturdy box steel frame
•Rock solid reliable drivetrain with automotive style 5-speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission
•Big wheels and brakes, high tech tires

A perfect blend of old school simplicity and current technology. ROXOR will fit well in to your construction fleet.


Rattle Stick VBA1 - Booth O30570

What is the VBA1? It's the latest float vibration technology by Rattle Stick Concrete Tools. Venom, is our proven vibration mechanism. Bi-Directional, is applied motor direction for operator assist. Automatic, a system that turns on and off without a remote! 1st Generation of this Bi-Direction, automatic system with dual external industry standard battery packs. Compatible with Makita, DeWalt and Milwaukee 18-20V. Manual mode allows for sloped work in any direction; automatic mode is for super flat work yet still works on cross slopes exceeding 15 degrees. Variable speed controls. The VBA1 bolts to any Marshalltown or Kraft bull or channel float. Recommended use on 72" floats or longer. Made in the USA delivered World Wide. Photo coming soon.


CI Starter Trac™ for Hard Coat - Booth C3159

New Continuous Insulation Starter Trac™
for Base of Hard Coat Wall

Save on labor with Plastic Components’ new one-piece continuous insulation STCI series 3/4 and 7/8 inch trims for hard coat stucco.

Designed for the base of a hard coat concrete stem wall, this weeped STARTER TRAC™ combines the Trac with a built-in corner bead. It saves installation time, improves job quality and delivers a better finish. Warnock-Hersey certified, these contractor-grade PVC trims are made for 1.5”, 2” or 2.5” foam, for use with
Three-Coat stucco finishes.

Patent Pending.


SkatePlate H2O - Booth C3509

SkatePlate H2O is a portable water saw system kit for circular saws and designed to fit SkatePlate. It changes work habits of professionals and DIY enthusiasts that cut cement, concrete blocks, granite, masonry and tile. The traditional 2-person job becomes a 1-person operation, saving time and money.

The H2O kit has an 80-psi medium pressure supply hose that connects to a common garden hose. The adjustable articulating ball joint spray hose has a fan-jet spray tip with a 0.2-gpm flow and a 15-degree spray. Directing the spray at the point of the cut significantly reduces dust, cools the blade and increases blade life. It results in cleaner, straighter control joints. An outdoor-rated GFCI is included. It retails for only $89.95.


Ligchine SpiderScreed: A Lightweight, Ultra-maneuverable Drive-In Screed - Booth O32126 / S11447

The SpiderScreed™ addresses the issues of drive-in screeds such as weight, power, navigation, and leveling capabilities. The SpiderScreed is ideal for concrete placements on upper decks, residential applications, slab-on-grade and 3D surfaces.

A tubular aluminum main and screed head frame makes the SpiderScreed™ the lightest drive-in screed featuring an auger screed head or a smooth roller for multi-directional use.

High speed electric actuators drive Ligchine’s patented machine leveling system that produces superior FF/FL numbers.

Independent hydraulic front wheel drive system. Wheels are linked together in unison achieving zero turn, parallel, and lateral steering and drive motions.


Quick Headers - Booth C3505

Quick Headers are a temporary, removable beam support used when setting concrete masonry blocks or bricks over structural openings. Spanning any length in varying sizes, with the ability to tower 39' high, they are much simpler to use than traditional wood-frame or other support methods. Professionally engineered and structurally sound, they are designed specifically for the masonry industry. Quick Headers are quick and easy to install and remove (under a minute) by the mason. No more costly wood framing or work stoppages. Just install, level and continue setting blocks. Once cured and removed, Quick Headers leave clean, true openings for down line trades. A green, environmentally sensitive building method. Never build a wood buck again. 


600 BBL Portable Self-Erect Cement Bin - Booth N919

RexCon’s new 600 BBL self-erecting auxiliary cement bin offers crane-less setup in a single load of freight. Storing up to 112 Tons, the integral sub-frame design eliminates the need for installing or removing concrete foundations (assuming proper soil conditions). On-board hydraulic self-erect features coupled with a removable spring suspension offer the ultimate in portability. The unit features a single 40 HP direct drive screw and preplumbed aeration blower for quick delivery of cementitious powders to the plant. When coupled with RexCon’s flagship Mobile 12 SE concrete plant or the Model S concrete paving plant, the unit offers a combination of portability, installation flexibility, and large storage capacity unique to the industry.


XL-R Concrete Block and Paver Machine - Booth N1070

The new premium model of the Masa concrete block making machine type “XL-R” is a fully automatic machine to produce concrete block and pavers with or without face-mix. Unveiled for the first time at the 2019 Bauma, the XL-R includes several technological features that has made producing high quality concrete products with tighter tolerances and higher outputs possible compared to previous versions:

• Servo hydraulics with pressure accumulators
• Mold leveling device via servo hydraulics
• Automatic mold change
• Laser controls for repeatable and consistent filling
• Servo driven pallet feed synchronized with a servo driven
lowering device

To request a quote or more information contact Masa-USA at Sales-USA@Masa-Group.com

Ameripolish - Booth O40835

The SmartFloor™ Trowel Diamond Polishing concept is engineered to provide a high-aesthetic floor that is an easy and economical way to utilize any walk-behind or ride-on power trowel. The SmartFloor™ Trowel Diamond Polishing System consists of pads that have composite resin abrasive technology embedded in their design. The SmartFloor™ Trowel Diamond Polishing system allows for easy assembly of a water-kit, that will allow the user of the power trowel to control the amount of water being dispersed on the floor without having to stop operating the machine. Additionally, the SmartFloor™ Trowel Diamond Polishing offers a universal blade holder that can be retrofitted to any power trowel machine.