For more than two decades, attendees have used the WOC Official Merchandise Store as the perfect place to meet. Attendees can be seen browsing through books and picking out the perfect gift for themselves or the folks in the office. The concrete industry’s megastore is located in the Grand Concourse between North and Central Halls, with a second location in front of the South Hall!.

This is the commercial construction industry’s most comprehensive resource for the most current guidelines, specifications, and training materials

Cosponsoring association who participate include: the American Concrete Institute, the American Society of Concrete Contractors, and the Portland Cement Association. 

The WOC Official Merchandise Store also offers a wide array of unique concrete-themed clothing. The selection spans from denim, golf shirts, hats and tees. Be sure to stop in and bring back a 2018 dated World of Concrete ballcap and shirt. Each year the designers at ZMudd unveil their new designs focused on concrete contractors. Kid’s Corner provides the perfect concrete related toys and T-shirts and clothing. These concrete-themed shirts sell out quickly. There’s also a great selection on concrete-themed toys.

Exhibitors who are interested in participating in this area can request more information by submitting a form here.