Education Tracks

3- Hour Seminar Tracks

For the “just getting started” concrete professional who wants a solid foundation of knowledge to build on, or for the experienced contractor who wants a refresher or update on new knowledge and technology, the fundamental 3-Hour Seminars are right on track! The Concrete Basics series presented by Jeff Groom, Rich Szecsy and Michelle Wilson contain three focused seminars intended to
introduce the basics of good concrete practice to individuals new to the concrete industry.

Most consumers have no idea how many factors go into pouring a concrete foundation—but those same people would complain if their floor wasn’t flat, if it curled up at the corners, or if the height was disproportionate to other parts of the structure. This track offers 3-Hour seminars on using methods to troubleshoot slabs, concrete shrinkage, avoiding failures in concrete toppings and polishing retail industrial slabs.

New for 2019! You can learn the basics of concrete polishing, explore polishing retail and industrial slabs, hear industry experts discuss successful installation of overlays or trace the process of a polishing project from bid to contract and manage the expectations of polished slabs, all within new track. Loaded with useful knowledge shared by the experts in the polished concrete industry, Concrete
Polishing has something for everyone interested in this exciting and growing field!

With a more environmentally aware society, we must be up-to-date with the methods and techniques regarding the production sector of our industry. Ken Hover’s Concrete Mix Design is a popular two-part series in this 3-Hour track and partners well with topics covering the effective use of chemical admixtures and quality control for the concrete producer.

It’s a given—concrete cracks, curls and shrinks—and repairs are a part of every concrete structure! Cracks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to repairing existing concrete structures. The two-part Concrete Repair Fundamentals Series covers surface preparation, reinforcement repair, material selection, placement, waterproofing, and corrosion protection.Also learn about structural distress and solution to strengthen concrete.

The 3-Hour track is beneficial to company owners, superintendents, foremen, and executive personnel directly responsible for the running of the company. Expert-led seminars on increasing profits & productivity, scheduling, plus leadership & management skills for the construction workplace and tactical LEAN tools for maximizing your company culture are offered. 90-Minute seminars focused on business-related topics are also geared towards advanced upper management personnel and qualify towards the Master Certificate in Business & Project Management.

90- Minute Seminar Tracks

The below 90-Minute seminars offer a wide variety of topics for business owners, upper management, supervisors and project leaders,
and focus on the core principles of maintaining and growing a successful concrete/masonry construction company. Additional offerings include concrete basics, masonry, residential, and updates. Also includes a track designed for engineers. 

What is my profit? How realistic are my estimates? How do I win disputes on change orders and claims? These questions and more will be answered by financial experts who are familiar with construction projects.

Owners, managers, and future managers will find valuable and insightful business applications that can be implemented immediately by attending seminars in this 90-Minute track. Seminars will address common employer responsibilities focusing on employee performance, teamwork, motivating employees, time management and developing influential leaders on the jobsite.

Business related topics important for business owners are scheduled in the General Business track. Classes incorporate important issues such as essentials of selling and productivity. NEW topics will focus on 3D scanning for the field, collaborative management, getting the most out of your meetings and understanding the path of a construction project from estimating to closeout.

For the entry level attendee with 4 or less years of experience, this 90-Minute track is the direct result of attendees requesting introductory level sessions that focus on the basic technical applications necessary to be successful in the concrete industry. Seminar topics include hot and cold weather concrete, concrete placement & consolidation, concrete placement and curing, solving air-entrained problems and adding water onsite. NEW topics include an introduction to stamped concrete as well as an introduction to acid staining.

Decorative Concrete application is a continually growing field within the concrete industry due to endless possibilities for designing with concrete. Contractors specializing in decorative applications will learn from some of the most experienced and creative minds in the industry presenting information on polishing and overlays, stamped concrete, architectural finishes, acid-staining, concrete countertops and how to troubleshoot sealers and coatings. Also learn the latest concepts from the new two-part troubleshooting series.

Launched at WOC 2014, this 90-Minute track is specifically designed for engineers and “savvy” contractors who want to dig deeper into their concrete knowledge base. These special seminar topics focus on concrete design, repair, plus recognizing poor slab design, evaluating mix design, and materials and construction.

Masonry focuses on new technologies and old standards that make up the mortar, brick and stone industries. Masonry Contractors will benefit from seminars addressing efflorescence crack prevention, moisture problems and mortar and grout best practices.

New for WOC 2019! Attendees have the opportunity to earn a Master Certificate in Residential Concrete Construction with the option of also earning  ACI/CFA Residential Foundation Technician Certification. Click here for more information. Residential Concrete offers topics of value to contractors focusing on residential projects. Topics include: Insulating Concrete Forms, and residential flatwork.

Residential Concrete offers topics of value to contractors focusing on residential projects. Topics include: Insulating concrete forms, residential flatwork, concrete houses and managing expectations in residential contract planning.

Anyone responsible for safety issues will benefit from attending seminars on how to avoid OSHA’s top violations, improve and benefit from an excellent safety culture and OSHA Crystalline Silica regilations, and investigations. Due to recent federal and state laws, Train-the-Trainer in-house courses for qualified persons on forklifts, aerial & scissor lifts, fall protection, and loaders are being offered.

This 90-Minute track includes advanced topics for personnel with over 4 years of experience and is made up of the latest trends in technical applications in the concrete and masonry industries. Course offerings include shotcrete, mass concrete, joint spacing, and post-tensioning topics.