Stay the Course


Over the next few months, our industry will be suffering through another test of survival. But there are indications that staying the course will result in an eventual resumption of the concrete industry’s steady growth. At a ConExpo press conference held just two weeks ago, Ed Sullivan, PCA’s senior economist, offered this advice: “Stay the course, don’t panic.” Discussing the effect of the economy’s impending response to the novel coronavirus containment policies, Sullivan said that prior to the crises, the economy was on a solid foundation. He anticipated a dramatic federal response to the challenges of society disruption. And Sullivan predicted that the economy would rebound to match and exceed the forecasted level of growth. But then he added the zinger, “It’s a matter of timing.” Sullivan said that the recovery could take from six to 18 months, but it will come. 

Rick Yelton is the editor at large for World of Concrete. He can be reached at [email protected]