Online Mixer Driver Certification


Many concrete producers remain operational during this virus shutdown, but as projects begin to slow, producers could experience periods of fleet idleness. One productive way to keep drivers busy is to enroll them in the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s Concrete Delivery Professional (CDP) certification program.

The CDP program has been around for more than a decade. Driver certification was recognized as an important link between a plant’s QC program and job-site monitoring. CDP complements other NRMCA and ACI certifications enhancing industry-wide professionalism.

Producers know mixer drivers are important to concrete efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. Producers who have introduced CDP to their workforce report tangible benefits. Scalable results include better fleet utilization, fewer rejected loads, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Many producers also report greater driver retention.

These results are to be expected. Members of NRMCA’s Safety, Environmental and Operations Committee drafted the content using the best practices from producers of all sizes and regions. CDP was also developed to enhance a producer’s safety and operations training program.

The CDP program is driver friendly. Students work individually at their own pace and on their own schedule. The program’s start/stop feature makes the current version adaptable to a student’s variable work schedule. Many producers have found this flexibility and convenience an effective approach to fill in plant idle time. Since the coursework is totally self-directed, supervisors can provide information as needed. Students take the exams online with no requirements for third-party exam proctors.
NRMCA offers CDP certification to all producers. Click here to learn more about this program.