Managing Construction During (and After) the Pandemic


There’s a lot of information available on the web about how to handle this disruption, which has been compared to a winter blizzard that goes on for months. One of the most insightful collections of articles for the construction industry comes from FMI, the industry consultants. For example, in “Looking Beyond the Storm: How to Remain Competitive in the New Era of Construction,” they note that although most of us are hoping the storm will pass quickly, “Nevertheless, some experts predict that we will be in this for the long haul. With no firm promise of the market thawing out in the coming weeks, we cannot afford to wait for things to return to ‘normal.’” 

For some good advice on the steps workers and employers should be taking during the COVID-19 time, check out this guidance from CPWR, The Center for Construction Research & Training. This document has very specific steps to take to reduce the danger as much as possible while continuing construction work. 

In addition to its comprehensive recommended practices, a good compilation of resources is available from the American Society of Concrete Contractors. This includes links to ENR articles, OSHA, and the Construction Industry Safety Council.

For manufacturers, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has a lot of good information and webinars on handling COIVID-19 in factories. AEM also has a lot of political information based on its very active lobbying efforts in DC and reports from inside the federal and state actions.

Stay safe out there!