"Beat This Virus" Concrete Jewelry


Luke and Billie Snell have been making concrete jewelry during the coronavirus stay-at-home “to keep busy and somewhat sane.” Luke Snell has been the leading historian in the concrete industry for many years and an educator who finds simple ways to teach young people about concrete. His Floating Concrete Kits have been distributed at World of Concrete since the 1990s. He is regularly the speaker at the Hoover Dam Tours during each year’s show and has traveled the world promoting American Concrete Institute certification.

Luke reports the following concerning the jewelry.:

The hearts and stars are painted blue to honor those that are a part of our health care system. They are made with a cement (either portland cement or gypsum) and perlite. Gypsum was one of our earliest cements and was used to build the pyramids—today it is called plaster of Paris.

Portland cement is our common cement used to make concrete. Perlite is an extremely lightweight aggregate used for insulation or by gardeners to loosen or hold moisture in soil. It creates a concrete that is extremely light weight and that will actually float.

The necklace is made with concrete using Quikrete liquid red coloring agent. The perlite won’t take the color so when the heart is sanded you get a speckled look.

We will get back to some type of normality soon, we hope, and so have included a Christmas ornament and a flower with the hope that these will serve as a memorial to what we have successfully been through.