ACI Announces New NDT Specialist Certification


ACI’s newest certification program focuses on the use of nondestructive testing methods used to evaluate the in-place strength of concrete. A person certififed as a Nondestructive Testing Specialist – Concrete Strength has successfully demonstrated the knowledge and skills associated with six ASTM test methods commonly used by our industry to estimate the in-place strength of concrete. These tests include maturity methods, testing cylinders, penetration resistance, pullout, and rebound hammer. To successfullly complete the certification exam, the technician will need to understand the ASTM test method for each technique in detail and know how to report the results.

Certification requires both a written exam and a performance exam to demonstrate hands-on skills in completing the NDT evaluation techniques. Those interested in becoming certified should contact ACI Certification for program information sheets and additional details. For more information, including a promotional video, certification requirements, and details about the new CP-92, 1st ED. study guide, click here.