MCAQA - MCAA Quality Assurance for Masonry

Monday, January 20 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Room N210, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center « Back

Attendees will learn the in’s and out’s of quality masonry performance. Proper techniques and typical trouble areas on masonry projects will be explored and addressed. This class will be taught by Andy Sneed of WASCO whose company specializes in part on restoration. A big part of their restoration work includes fixing problems from previous installations.

Mason contractors registered for Masonry Certification will receive 2.00 credits in the Masonry Quality Institute discipline upon completion of this course.

Presented by the Mason Contractors Association of America.

MCAQA Fee: MCAA Member $125 / non-member $175

NOTE: Discounted Package for all 3 MCAA/MQI classes

MCAMQI Fee: MCAA Member $375 / non-member $525

MCAA members can take all three MQI classes for $375 and receive 7 hours towards Masonry Quality Institute credit for Masonry Certification. These are three of the eight classes being offered in the replacement program for the MQI class. See MCAHR and MCAJC.

Questions about the MCAA programs should be directed to MCAA at 800-536-2225.
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