MO06 - Self-Consolidating Concrete: Understand the Technology and Leverage the Advantages

Monday, January 20 from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM | Room N232, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center « Back

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is a radical departure from what the Industry believes concrete can and cannot do. As a result, there are contractors, producers, engineers and owners that all have the opportunity to take advantage of SCC. However, understanding its design, price and costs, placement, QCQA and its fundamental technology is critical to achieving that success. This seminar will explore all of these topics as well as some case examples of both success and failure.

  1. Recognize and understand the basic technology behind self-consolidating concrete
  2. Determine the price and cost impacts on jobs using self-consolidating concrete
  3. Explore the QCQA aspects of self-consolidating concrete
  4. Define a developed course of action to begin using self-consolidating concrete

Presented by Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association


Credits: 3.0 hours AIA/CES LU|HSW, PDH, TCA

Education Tracks: Concrete Production

Event Type: WOC 3-Hour Seminars > Session


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