MO15 - Concrete Countertop Fundamentals: Templating, Forming, Reinforcing, Installing, Coloring and Sealing

Monday, January 20 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM | Room N232, North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center « Back

You’ve been hearing about concrete countertops for years now, and perhaps you’ve attempted them using the concrete skills you already have. But do you know what it really takes to be successful at concrete countertops? Templating, forming, sealing, installation – all of these steps are outside of the concrete itself yet essential to success. This foundational seminar will cover every step of concrete countertop production in depth: templating, forming, reinforcing, mixing, casting, curing, grinding and polishing, coloring, sealing and installing. Using actual project examples, you will step through a procedure to create high-quality precast concrete countertops.

  1. Discover how to template, form, seal and install any type of concrete countertop
  2. Examine important precast mix design and reinforcing principles
  3. Determine what it takes to produce a quality product
  4. Identify step by step instructions for making precast concrete countertops

Credits: 3.0 hours AIA/CES LU|HSW, DBPR/CILB

Education Tracks: Decorative Concrete

Event Type: WOC 3-Hour Seminars > Session


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