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Don't get stuck in mud!  Prevent costly repair to driveways & lawns! Say 'goodbye' to water logged, heavy, splintering, sloppy looking sheets of plywood! EnduraMat enables you to drive cars, forklifts, diggers, trucks, and cranes up to 80 tons, without causing significant damage to the grass and gro ...
The Oxford 15/5 RoadPlate was designed to address the deficiencies of a typical steel trench plate.  Oxford RoadPlates are manufactured with a high visibility tread surface, unlike the smooth, slippery surface of steel.  Oxford RoadPlates can be installed by 2 people versus expensive heavy lifting e ...
Oxford StrongWall is a robust & stable barrier system, designed to provide safe passage for pedestrians through construction works.The 40 lb black base ensures that the barricade is stable in windy conditions.  The high density molded section can be filled with water, which adds another 33 lbs. Oxfo ...
The Oxford 16/12 Trench Cover is molded from a single piece of glass reinforced composite.  The undersides have ribbed steel framework for added strength, allowing it to take a max distributed weight of 4410 lbs and cover openings up to 35.4".  Slip resistant surface and chamfered edges prevent trip ...
Smaller versions than our work horse line – the same durability and reliability. The PA-350 works extremely well in tight-fitting remote locations where optimal maneuverability is a prime requirement.
Designed for a shorter wheel-based chassis, the PA-500 has the smallest footprint of the high-production models. Ideal for tight spaces like urban roadways, with the same production rate than much bigger models.
ProAll's work horse lines, these units are configured for high-volume production capacity. Depending on your chassis preferences or local weight restrictions, we have a mixer that suits your needs.
Added versatility from additional length optimizes weight distribution and allows for capacity and accessibility options that help satisfy your unique requirements.
This extended trailer unit is the ultimate in independent flexibility – pull this portable volumetric plant to the site and start producing.
 To assist employers in meeting their compliance safety training needs, OVERTON Safety Training, Inc. offers the same programs that our professional training staff utilizes for cost effective in-house training and qualification. We personally author, design, develop, and produce all of our industry ...

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