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GEDA is one of the leading providers of personnel hoists to the construction and offshore industries. The PH 6000 is fully adjustable and customizable to your site specifications and needs, and provides ideal vertical transportation for a variety of industries and projects, such as:Power generationC ...
Other uses include ceramic tile adhesives, stucco, self-levelling underlayments, acoustic and insulation panels, mineral casting,  textured paint and thermal insulation fills
The light spheres consist from foamed glass with tiny pores and are available in grain sizes from 0.04 mm up to 8 mm. 
The plant is a huge box of a factory that’s completely computerized. Since 2007 Poraver North America is manufacturing its innovative lightweight aggregate to serve the US & Canadian markets.
The combination of low density and high compressive strength makes Poraver the ideal lightweight aggregate for architectural mouldings, cladding and other manufactured concrete products
Lightweight concrete blocks are easy to handle and provide improved thermal insulation properties. LW concrete blocks with Poraver support also LEED.
The Precast Obelix Lifting System is comprised of 3 reusable components, the Obelix Lifting Clutch (1), the Obelix Rubber Void Former (2) and the Obelix Retainer (3). In addition to these reusable components a plastic insert is fitted to the rubber void former that remains cast into the concrete onc ...
PreView Plus is an all-in-one safety system that integrates vision with active blind spot detection. This system combines best in class, active blind spot detection with a visual clarification camera and in-cab monitor that supports up to four cameras and 24 sensors for up to 360° coverage. The PreV ...
 PreView Radar's family of proximity warning systems was designed specifically to improve your operator's engagement and situational awareness in real time. Our pulsed radar object detection sensors are designed to detect moving and stationary objects in an operator’s blind spot. The distance to the ...
The PreView Safety Alert System provides your operators with the tool they need to safely maneuver through their blind spots and busy worksites, and is ideal for sites where noise levels from the back-up alarm have become an issue. The PreView Radar Sensor detects an object in the blind spot. Once d ...

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