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SensoCrete is the world's most innovative supplier of onboard monitoring and control systems for concrete mixer trucks. The Concrete Optimizer is the most comprehensive and cost effective solution to monitor and control the concrete delivery process. It measures: Volume, Slump, Temperature, revolution count and if the concrete is well mixed while in transit. It provides slump control, added water registration and a full signaling system. All captured data is available online; seamless interface to third party dispatch. Easy installation, does not tamper with the truck's mechanical systems. The system is comprised of: TSU – Truck Sensor Unit. A pseudo hatch with a sensor, Installed on the truck's hatch. TCU – Truck Control Unit. Displays the measured values, key board for water addition, RFID reader for electronic signature. SMU – SensoCrete Mobile Unit. Our onboard computer and monitor used by the driver to operate the system. SensoCrete server – Captures and process the data received from the trucks, and presents it online. Why is it innovative? This approach, penetrating the concrete inside the truck's mixer and measuring its variables, is both new and bold. There is no similar product, no similar approach. It is like breaking the speed of sound: achieving the impossible. Why is it important to measure these variables? Volume: Identify over/under yielding. Avoid disagreements with customers about delivered quantity. Reuse returned concrete. Multi-dropping. Slump: Make adjustments during transit. Quality assurance - results can not be manipulated. Reduces cement consumption by decreasing safety margins. Variation in slump indicates accuracy/inaccuracy in water usage. Temperature: Instant indication to whether the concrete temperature is in the right range to be poured. Identify the stage of the curing process. Quality of the mix: Indicates possibility of segregation or mixing quality. Insinuate possible maintenance issues. Savings; cement consumption, time (engine and driver) Environmental; cement and gas are carbon emission factors If you can measure it, you can control it!

Product Categories

Batching Equipment

  • Batching/mixing controls
  • Computer hardware/software, mix design & batching
  • Water meters (for use in batching)


  • Information services

Computer Hardware/Software

  • Computer hardware/software, management
  • Computer hardware/software, other
  • Internet/Online Advertising

Dispatching & Scheduling

  • Dispatching systems
  • Vehicle location systems
  • Voice communication systems

Environmental Controls for Production Equipment

  • Ready mix reclamation systems

Mixing/Mixer Materials for Concrete

  • Moisture meters, concrete

Technology For Construction

  • Fleet and Asset Management
  • GIS/Mapping
  • GPS
  • Internet Solutions/Networking
  • Inventory/Equipment Management
  • Mobile Field Application
  • Software
  • Wireless Technology

Testing Services, Equipment & Materials

  • Testing Services, Equipment & Materials

Truck Mixers

  • Counters, revolution (truck mixer)
  • Truck mixer accessories

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