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KÖSTER BAUCHEMIE AG develops, produces and supplies a comprehensive range of special construction materials in the areas of waterproofing and concrete repair. Being founded in 1982 in Germany, the KÖSTER Group consists of 24 companies which are represented in more than 45 countries. It is our policy to offer construction materials of highest quality, durability and general performance. As the North American subsidiary, KOSTER American specializes in moisture vapor control systems, cementitious underlayments, waterproofing for concrete block and masonry substrates and oil removal systems. We have been successfully solving water vapor and alkalinity transmission problems in flooring for over 20 years, and offer professional advice and technical support for your flooring needs where water vapor, alkalinity and oil contamination are a problem. In 1992 KOSTER American was started with its core business as cementitious waterproofing products following the principal product line of Germany. KOSTER has pursued the development of products that solve one of the resilient flooring’s oldest problems: water vapor transmission and alkalinity. Our systems are formulated to coat these problem floors with a proven epoxy reduction coating that will effectively stop further vapor transmission. KOSTER VAP I® 2000 and the VAP I® 2000 FS systems can reduce water vapor and alkalinity transmission through concrete to levels low enough to allow subsequent coatings and flooring systems to be successfully applied. The VAP I® 2000 systems will also allow fast tracking of flooring projects as it can be applied to a fresh concrete slab in as little as 5 – 7 days from placement. KOSTER American leads the industry in both design and performance of these systems by continuing to make advancements: cure time has been reduced to 4 hours and KOSTER has developed an oil-remediation and contaminant treatment process to rehabilitate and rescue oil or hydrocarbon contaminated concrete surfaces making them suitable to receive any type of flooring system. All of our vapor reductions systems have a comprehensive 15 year labor and material warranty to assure the facility owner the protection required for their flooring system. KOSTER American also specializes in waterproofing products and systems. Whether the subject is the restoration of historic buildings, waterproofing new buildings, restoration of masonry, waterproofing of wet basements, roofs or façades: with our comprehensive product range, we have the optimal solution. KOSTER American uses only certified applicators for the product installation and offers complete technical assistance to help architects, specifiers, facility owners and contractors to provide solutions to their concrete problems and every type of waterproofing. Please visit our website, www.kosterusa.com for all our product information or call our main office (757) 425-1206 to see how we may help you succeed on your next flooring project.

Product Categories


  • Admixtures, special purpose

Coatings, Masonry

  • Waterproofing & dampproofing materials


  • Coatings, bituminous
  • Coatings, epoxy
  • Coatings, other
  • Coatings, urethanes
  • Sealers, other

Concrete, Mortar & Grout

  • Concrete & mortar: cementitious
  • Concrete & mortar: latex & latex-powders
  • Grout, cementitious
  • Stucco/plaster, prepackaged

General Construction Materials

  • Cleaning materials, concrete

Joints and Sealants

  • Joint sealants, thermoplastic (cold-applied)
  • Joints, expansion

Moisture Control

  • Vapor Retarders

Mortar Materials

  • Cement, mortar

Movement Joints

  • Joint sealants

Repair Materials & Equipment

  • Concrete & mortar: cementitious,polymer-modified (prepackaged)
  • Crack repair materials, other
  • Grout, polyurethane
  • Injection materials, other
  • Underlayment, floor

Water Drainage/Protection

  • Vapor and Air Barriers
  • Vapor or radon barriers, liquid
  • Vapor or radon barriers, sheet

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