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Hi-Tech Systems is the industry leader in manufacturing Polyurea joint fillers, rapid curing repair products, Pre-Polish Fillers, two component low pressure pumps, and several other products.  Our joint fillers come in several hardness levels to meet the varied demands of concrete floors. The initial 60 second open time allows proper wetting into side walls of joints and time to move from joint to joint. All products are 1:1 ratio, polishable without smearing and can be shaved in 20 minutes. We specialize in custom colors with over 350 formulas on hand. We ship bulk polyurea untinted with separate tint packs to help control inventory.  We now manufacture  3 pumps - a large machine with 6-1/2 gallon tanks, a compact pump with 3 gallon tanks, and a 110 gallon pump. Our rapid curing repair products for crack and spall repair are also custom tinted to match. All of our products work in a wide variety of temperatures. Please visit www.hitechpolyurea.com, for further information.

Product Categories

Coatings, Masonry

  • Waterproofing & dampproofing materials
  • Waterproofing & dampproofing materials, above grade
  • Waterproofing & dampproofing materials, below grade

Foundation/Slab Repair

  • Adhesives, nonpolymer

General Construction Materials

  • Seismic anchors & reinforcement

Joints and Sealants

  • Joint fillers
  • Joint sealants, thermosetting (chemically-curing)
  • Joint-sealing equipment
  • Waterstops

Masonry Anchors and Fasteners

  • Anchor bolts, adhesive

Metal Connectors & Reinforcement

  • Anchors & ties for repair & retrofit
  • Anchors, veneer


  • Patching materials
  • Seismic retrofitting systems

Movement Joints

  • Joint sealants

Repair Materials & Equipment

  • Adhesive dispensers
  • Adhesives, polymer (solvent-free)
  • Bonding agents, polymer
  • Crack repair materials, other
  • Epoxy, liquid
  • Epoxy, pastes & gels (nonsag)
  • Injection equipment
  • Injection materials, other

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