Matt Murphy

President & CEO at SEE Inc.
Keedysville, MD
United States

Matt Murphy, President and CEO of SEE, Inc., has been a Construction Safety Trainer for more than 15 years. Matt serves as president of the Tri-State safety council and has been the Past Safety Committee Chairman for Associated Builders & Contractors Northern Virginia, the Heavy Construction Contractors Association and the IEC. Matt has also been involved with organizations such as the National Association of Home Builders. He helped develop and implement the Builders Big 4, How to Develop and Implement a Safety Program and the 4-Hour Fall Protection Program. Matt has published numerous articles/books and is publisher of the SEE Inc. Safety Gram. Having grown up in the construction industry, Matt draws on his background in both safety and construction to offer a wide variety of safety services to clients and participants in his training courses. He has taught thousands of construction professionals on a wide variety of topics all over the United States.

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