Jerry Holland

Vice President, Principal at Structural Services Inc.
Jonesboro, GA
United States

Jerry Holland, PE, FACI is Director of Design Services for Structural Services Incorporated and is located in their Atlanta, Georgia office. He has over 45 years of worldwide experience in design, construction and troubleshooting concrete materials, floors, pavements, other structures and related geotechnical problems. Jerry specializes in concrete mixes, floor slabs on ground (including superflat and other specialty slabs) and suspended slabs, fiber reinforcement, post-tensioning, shrinkage-compensating concrete, paving and liquid containing structures. He has presented seminars and assisted in the construction of high tech demonstration slabs all over the world. Jerry has had projects in all 50 states and on every continent except Antarctica. He has authored many published articles including such topics as curling and shrinkage of slabs and the implications of them, cutting-edge analysis and design of slabs, world record floors and pavements, specialty materials, concrete mix designs and international projects.

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